Posted by jadecanary on May 22, 2008

Here it is, Thursday. I’m just home from another miserable day in the Florida humidity. I’m sooo happy my computer is under an air condition vent and the A/C is set for 70. Tonight is the Big Deck. What is the Big Deck? It was posted more then a year ago somewhere (I think on Metagame. When I have time, I’ll find it and edit it into the post). Our store cash-for-product engineer Dennis brought it up as a tournament idea for the group and I know I’ve wanted to participate in an event like this for a while. Here it is straight from my keyboard posted Tuesday on ARKHAM ASYLUM…

Here’s what you need to be apart of this event…

1 Deck of VS cards made by UDE.
In that deck, you need at least 99 cards.
All 99 must be different cards.
In addition you must have a copy of UN Building

Cost: 2 UN Building, Team-Up 
When you flip UN Building, choose three different affiliations among characters you control.
If you chose three different affiliations, characters you control, as well as cards in your deck, hand, and KO’d pile that have any of those affiliations have all of them.
DJL-195 Illustrator: John McSweeney
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Random Punks  Common

Enemy of my Enemy is banned.
You must have 4 different team affiliations represented.
For each team affiliation, you must have 10 character cards with that affiliation printed on the card.
That’s it.

So I decided to go against the grain and not run Arkham. Yes, an Insanity deck w/out Arkham Inmates. I have a somewhat stragedy, and it features, as my 4 teams, Gotham Knights, Teen Titans, Outsiders and the JLI. I call the deck “Beyond Gotham Knights” since it features the Knights and a team led by Batman, a team led by Nightwing and a team led by Robin. I’ll have a decklist and how I did on Friday.

We are a little behind on our schedule due to our store non-sancitioned tournaments, so “Bring Your Own Set” is next Thursday. I think I’m going to run what I call “Bat Got Your Resource Row”. I’ll have a full decklists in my decks section and a preview/postview next week.

June 5th is a date I’ve been waiting for. I asked my players a question: “Which one of you is the single best VS player in the store?” Right now, I have 8 people who want to find out. June 5 starts off the Emerald City Hobby League (ECHL) Mega-Summer Season Tournament. To enter, players must build 3 decks in Golden Age format (banned list applies) and turn those lists in to me by next Thursday. Then I will build a schedule of opponents for each player. Players will play their scheduled opponent each week for 12 or so weeks (one game a week). This should not interfere with the regular tournament schedule. Then the players can go to our HL forum and talk b-s with their next opponent. They will also check there and here, on BENDING STEEL for tourney info, stats and the Match of the Week.

June 12 is our “Make-A-Legend” Tournament. Players have been challenged to make a legend, using MSE2 and then insert that character (and appropriate Legend content) into a deck and run with it. I’m responsible for reviewing the cards for brokenness. With some of the ideas I’ve seen (I have a Storm Legend from one player and a Black Panther from another) and heard (Mary Jane!) I’m really looking forward to this event.

We also have to squeeze in Random Punks and the MUN Release. Whoo! Busy times at Emerald City.  Speaking (writing?) of EC, I’m late! Gotta go!


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