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Catching Up on the Countdown…

Posted by jadecanary on June 25, 2008

Things have been a little busy here in the Fortress of Steritude. So without further ado… Read the rest of this entry »


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The Greatest Batman Movie Ever

Posted by jadecanary on June 19, 2008

13 days: He just sits there, like a bump on a log. His own kind of prision. He can’t move, can’t even blink. He just stares, looking at nothing with that painted expression on his face. But he feels them, crawling all through him. Eating at him from the inside. Damn termites. “DUMMY! I can’t wait 13 days, GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

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The Vengeance of Bane

Posted by jadecanary on June 16, 2008

Read the compainion piece at BENDING STEEL REVIEW
Bane was born in a prision in Santa Prisca, a corrput island nation. As an infant, he was sentenced to serve out his father’s life sentence. He recieved a classical education: he was taught by an elderly Jesuit Preist and by other harden criminals within the walls of the prision. He killed his first man at age 8. Bane kept a knife inside a teddy bear. He trained and made himself the king of the prison. Read the rest of this entry »

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PREVIOUSLY: Thursday Night Hobby League…

Posted by jadecanary on May 23, 2008

Wow, that sucked.

Even though our players had WEEKS to get ready, only 3 of us showed with big decks. The guy who wanted us to run the with the idea didn’t even build one! UGGH! In addition to my “Beyond Gotham Knights”, we had your typical Arkham/Revenge/Injustice/Secret Society and an Arkham/Thunderbolts/Injustice/Something that I just can’t remember. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by jadecanary on May 4, 2008

Let’s start with Iron Man.




Good movie. Very funny, great action. Robert Downey, Jr pulled it off. The whole cast pulled it off. If you want a synopsis of the movie, here it is: Tony Stark is rich. Tony Stark sells weapons. Tony Stark gets kidnapped, then builds the first Iron Man. He gets away. He goes home, and builds the new Iron Man suit. He fights crime.

If I told you anymore, I’d ruin it. Go see it, it was worth the price of admission. (Of course I didn’t pay to see it) And stay until the end of the credits! I didn’t and I regretted it.


DC Universe #0

It was a 50 cent advertisement. Oh, and Barry Allen is back.


How about a real review?

Action Comics #864

A nice bridge between the 6 issue “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” story arc and the up-coming “Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds”. This story features a narrative by the Time Trapper, a classic Legion villian. His narrative seems to imply that he is the force behind the upcoming story.

Batman visits the Fortress of Solitude. When he walks in, he finds Lightning Lad (Garth Ranzz) from the future, chatting it up with Clark. (Background time: Lightning Lad and the other Legionnares used to come back in time, to Smallville, to pick up Clark and take him back to the future. He would go on adventures with the team.)

Bruce pulls Clark away. While arguing about bringing heroes from the future back to the past, Bruce points out that he has met three different Legion teams. Clark tells him that they are probally from three different parallel Earths. The World’s Finest have no idea that, in current DC continuity, there are 52 parallel Earths.

So why is Bruce really there? Gotham City Police discovered two bodies. the bodies have Legion Flight Rings. “Countdown” wrap-up time. The bodies are Karate Kid and Duo Damsel. Karate Kid died on Earth-51, his body ravaged by the virus that ended civilization on Earth-51. Duo Damsel, well, one half of her (She was originally Triplicate Girl, a hero who could split into three separate people. one of her bodies died in an old Legion story. the other is in the future.) was killed by the creatures created by the same virus. Lightning Lad shows up… and he’s pissed. Argument ensues. They are cut off by a Legion distress signal on Garth’s Flight Ring. So they go visit the last Legionnaire in the twenty-first century.

Starman of the Justice Society. Starman is a little crazy. He was Thom Kallor, Starboy of the Legion. Prior to the “Lightning Saga”, a JLA/JSA crossover, Brainiac 5 of the Legion sent Starman back in time, except he went to the wrong Earth. he ended up on Earth-22 and suffered through “Kingdom Come”. Then blasted again into the Multiverse, he made it back to our Earth. His mind was already damaged when Dream Girl filled his head with visions of the future. So he lives in a sanitarium in Opal City.

Clark, Bruce and Garth visit Tom in the sanitarium. Thom questions whether Garth is “the lightning off to save the universe from you-know-what”. (Probably means Barry Allen, The Flash, as implied in DC Universe #0) He tells Garth not worry about Triplicate Girl, “Wait until you see what happens to her!” Thom tells Garth he’s staying in the 21st century. he’s going to get a secret identity, call himself Danny Blaine. This fulfills some comic book pre-cog from James Robinson’s Starman series from a few years back.

Garth puts the bodies of his friends into his time machine to give them a proper burial. After he says his goodbyes, Garth looks over Clark’s shoulder at Bruce and says, “I wonder what he would’ve turned out if we’d gone to get him, too.” So do I, Garth.

Geoff Johns is slowly puting together his 31st Century masterpiece. I wasn’t happy that there was almost no action in six issues of “The Lightning Saga” and that it took six issues of Action Comics to tell a Legion story in a Superman book. I’m not a Legion fan. But I can’t say it’s not good. Johns’ work has been stellar. I liked the art in this book, Joe Prado isn’t bad at all. I like the way he did Batman’s cowl. It reminded me of “Batman Begins”. Since I’m already this far deep into the Legion’s story, I will read “Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds”.


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