I am Ster. I’m 30 years old and live in Gulfport, FL, and I am a mailman. I have been a Superman fan since I was just a wee laddy. My first comic book was Adventures of Superman #463: Superman races The Flash. I was hooked. Superman has been a very important part of my life. Hell, I named my kid Kal-El.

I’m a big DC Comics reader. I don’t hate Marvel or the others, I just can’t afford it. I buy my comics at Emerald City Comics and Games in Seminole, FL. It was there I stumbled on a little card game called VS System.

VS System has changed my life. Not just for the hundreds of dollars (try thousands, don’t tell my wife) I’ve blown just to make playable decks. My wife and I met our best friends, Arkham_Night (Marc) and his wife (Drew Berrymore), through this game. I am part of a community of gamers, comic book dorks and bored househusbands, and I couldn’t be happier.

And then this anti-social loner started a blog.

If you are coming here for the latest insight on how to win a mega-weekend, go back to stu’s blog list and find someone else. I’m here to comment on cards, comics, politics, weather, God, the best fried chicken in FL, and most importantly, my son. Did I mention I named the boy Kal-El?


One Response to “BEHIND THE GLASSES”

  1. Arkham said

    You’re the MAN!

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