Mega-Summer is a two month long tournament at the Emerald City Hobby League in Seminole, FL. Each Thursday Night, Mega-Summer participants play one game from their schedule. After the players have played their ten scheduled games, we will cut to top 4 for a best-of-3 elimination to determine the best VS System player at our hobby league. (Note: I chose to use screen names from the Arkham Asylum Forum as opposed to real nnames to protect the innocent and the guilty.)


6-2   americn_badass
7-2   Quigonjon
6-3   Torch
3-5   Arkham
2-5   LackOfANoun
1-8   So i herd u liek Mudkpiz


July 17
_badass vs. Noun(rainout)

July 24
Noun vs. Arkham(rainout)

July 31
Torch vs. Noun(rainout)
Arkham vs. Mudkipz
Quigonjon vs. _badass

Each player was required to submit a decklist for each deck entered into Mega-Summer. Each player was allowed up to 3 decks.


“No Man Escapes…(wink wink)”
4x Manhunter Excavator
4x Sleeper Agent
4x Manhunter Engineer
6x Manhunter Protector
16x Manhunter Soldier
2x Manhhunter Spacecraft
4x Birthing Chamber
4x Qwardian Pincer
4x Ole!
4x Plans Within Plans
2x Only a Friend Can Betray You
4x No Man Escapes the Manhunters
2x War Without End

“Bosom Buddies”
4x Mystical Paralysis
4x The Devil We Know
4x 1-Boris
4x Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius
2x Democles Base
4x Entangle
4x Doomstadt (MOR-129)
3x Time Thief
3x Faces of Doom
2x Kang, Kang Cobra
2x Kang, King Ransom
4x For the Glory of Doom
3x Psyche Globe
4x Kang, One of Many
2x Latverian Embassy
1x Power Cosmic
1x Kang, Master of Time
1x Dr. Doom (a 7-drop, but Noun doesn’t specify)
2x Kang, Lord Kang
2x Kang, Lord of Limbo
2x Kang, Immortus
1x Dr. Doom, Latverian Monarch
4x Kang, (Noun writes on his deck list “3 different”, but I don’t know what the heck that means)

“Faces of Evil” (Boring Name)
4x Team Tactics
4x Justice Like Lightning
4x Mystical Summons
2x Dallas Riordan, Mayoral Aide
3x Hawkeye, Leader by Example
4x Yellowjacket, Rita DeMara
4x Faces of Evil
2x Paul Ebersol Fixer, Problem Solver
4x Erik Josten Atlas, Kosmos Convict
4x Speed Demon, Second Chance Speedster
4x Melissa Gold Songbird, Sonic Carapace
4x Deadly Conspiracy
4x Beetle Mach 1
3x Mt. Charteris
2x Nathan Garrett Black Knight, Corrupt Crusader
4x Helmut Zemo Citizen V, Tactician
4x Combat Manuvers


“As The Mutant Gene Turns”
(1) Domino x3
(2) Havok: Unstable Son x3
(2) Forge
(2) Gambit
(2) Jean Grey x2
(3) Cable: Nathan Summers x2
(3) Cable: Secret Avenger
(3) Wolverine: Logan x3
(4) Bishop: Time Cop x2
(4) Emma Frost: Ice Queen
(4) Nightcrawler: Hit Factory x2
(5) Cyclops: Fearless Leader x2
(5) Psylocke
(5) Wolverine: Bub
(6) Cable: Askani’son x2
(6) Rogue: Age of Apocalypse
(7) Wolverine: Bloodlust
(7) X-Man
Muir Island x3
X-Men Assemble! x4
Battle Tactics x2
Bodyslide x4
Turnabout x3
Sneak Attack x3
Children of the Atom x4
Messiah Complex x3
Call In a Favor x4

(3) Batman: Founding Member x3
(3) Batman: Problem Solver x2
(3) Barbara Gordon: Hacker Elite x3
(4) Batman: Twilight Vigilante x2
(No Cost) Superman: Last Son of Krypton x4
(5) Batman: Caped Crusader x3
(5) Superman: Man of Tomorrow x2
(6) Batman: Cape and Cowl x2
(6) Superman: Kal-El x2
(7) Batman: Shadow of the Bat
(7) Superman: Avatar of Peace x2
(8) Batman: Dark Knight Returned
(8) Superman: Big Blue Boy Scout
(9) Superman: Bulletproof
At Their Finest x4
Brains and Brawn x4
Best of the Best x4
At Your Service x4
For the Man Who Has Everything x4
From the Darkness x4
Indestructible x4
Fizzle x3

“JLE: Justice League Expensive”
(1) Ray Palmer/The Atom x3
(2) Roy Harper/Red Arrow x4
(3) Batman: Founding Member x3
(3) Hal Jordon: Founding Member x3
(4) Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Peace x4
(4) Barry Allen/The Flash x2
(5) Superman: Metropolis Marvel x3
(5) Batman: Justice Shadow
(6) Martian Manhunter: Founding Member x3
(7) Hal Jordan: Fearless x2
(8) Martian Manhunter: The Last Martian
The Watchtower x4
Battle Training x3
Truth, Justice, and Peace x4
Fury of the Amazons x3
Mightiest Heroes x4
Bring It On! x4
Indestructible x3
From the Darkness x3
Telepathic Link x3


Secret Society:
1 Mr. Mxyzptlk
1 Riddler
1 Chemo
1 Manhunter Clone (paul kirk)
1 Dr. Polaris
2 Charaxes
3 Dr. Sivana
1 Deadshot (dead aim)
2 King Shark
4 Poison Ivy (intoxicating)
4 Fatality
2 Sinestro
4 Black Manta
3 Deathstroke
2 Doomsday
1 Ultra-Humanite (DJL)
2 Gravesite
2 Slaughter Swamp
2 Sorcerer’s Treasure
4 Cover Fire
4 Unnatural Selection
2 Remote Facility
4 Path of Destruction
3 Anger and Hate

The Odd Couple (Silver Surfer and Galactus)
4 Silver Surfer (2)
4 Air-Walker
2 Frankie Raye
4 Human Torch
2 Morg (4)
2 Red Shift
1 Silver Surfer (5)
1 Destroyer (6)
1 Firelord (6)
4 Galactus (7)
2 Tyrant
2 Galactus (9)
4 Silver Surfer’s Board
4 Creation of a Herald
4 Kindred Spirits
3 I Must Obey
1 I Hunger
2 Obliterate!
1 Cover Fire
2 Taa II
1 Avalon Space Station
1 Cosmic Tuning Fork
1 Savage Beatdown
1 Elemental Converters
1 Omnipotence
2 Pathetic Attempt
3 Inspiring Demise
1 Sewer System

Fantastic Four:
4 Human Torch (Matchstick)
4 Invisible Woman (first lady)
2 Invisible Woman (protector)
4 Mr. Fantastic (critical thinker)
4 Thing (heavy hitter)
2 She-Hulk (single green lawyer)
2 Human Torch (flame on!)
2 Invisible Woman (shield of the Four)
2 Hulk (the fantastic Hulk)
1 Silver Surfer
2 Four Freedoms Plaza
1 Sewer System
1 Legion Lost
3 Only Human
4 Signal Flare
2 Mobilize
4 Force Field projection
4 Clobberin time
4 Family of Four
4 Savage Beatdown
4 Torch and Thing


Curve Sentinels
4 MOR-138 Boliver Trask ~ Creator of the Sentinel Program
4 MMK-198 Hounds of Ahab ~ Army
9 MOR-143 Sentinel Mark II ~ Army
8 MSM-133 Sentinel Mark V ~ Army
4 MOR-140 Nimrod ~ Mutant Hunter
4 MOR-137 Bastion ~ Leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance
1 DGL-166 Two-Face ~ Split Personality
4 MOR-081 Magneto ~ Master of Magnetism
Plot Twists:
4 MOR-183 Cover Fire
4 MOR-152 Reconstruction Program
3 MOR-187 Finishing Move
3 MXM-194 Enemy of My Enemy
4 MOR-214 Savage Beatdown
4 MOR-099 Genosha

60 Total Cards
18 DGL-090 Shadow Creatures ~ Army
4 DGL-055 Malvolio ~ Lord of the Green Flame
4 DGL-083 Kiman ~ Chief Weaponer
2 DGL-024 Sinestro ~ Green Lantern of Korugar
2 DGL-166 Two-Face ~ Split Personality
1 DCR-009 Dr. Fate ~ Lord of Order
Plot Twists:
3 DGL-209 Rain of Acorns ~ Construct
4 DGL-192 Helping Hand ~ Construct
4 DGL-215 The Ring Has Chosen
3 DSM-155 Men of Steel
4 DGL-218 Willworld
4 DGL-107 Qward
4 DGL-182 Birthing Chamber
1 DCR-175 Cloak of Nabu ~ Fate Artifact
1 DCR-174 Amulet of Nabu ~ Fate Artifact
1 DCR-176 Helm of Nabu ~ Fate Artifact

60 Total Cards
4 DCR-100 Sasha Bordeaux ~ Knight
4 DCR-099 Sarge Steel ~ Knight
4 DCR-082 Ahmed Samsarra ~ White King
4 DCR-122 Bizarro ~ ME AM BIZARRO #1
1 DCR-090 Elimination Protocol OMAC Robot ~ Army
3 DCR-095 Maxwell Lord ~ Black King
1 DCR-136 Mr. Freeze ~ Brutal Blizzard
2 DCR-121 Alexander Luthor ~ Diabolical Double
1 DCR-093 Huntress ~ Reluctant Queen
1 DCR-128 Deathstroke the Terminator ~ Ultimate Assassin
1 DCR-101 Sasha Bordeaux ~ Autonomous Prototype
Plot Twists:
4 DCR-117 Threat Neutralized
4 MXM-194 Enemy of My Enemy
4 DCR-110 Knightmare Scenario
1 DCR-177 Dr. Fate’s Tower
1 DJL-034 Satellite HQ
4 DCR-105 Brother I Satellite
4 DCR-108 Checkmate Safe House ~ Team-Up
3 DCR-104 Brother Eye
1 DCR-205 Leslie Thompkins’s Clinic
1 DCR-175 Cloak of Nabu ~ Fate Artifact
1 DCR-174 Amulet of Nabu ~ Fate Artifact
4 DCR-109 Knight Armor
2 DCR-202 Tricked-Out Sports Car

60 Total Cards

So i herd u leik Mudkipz

Revenge Squad

1 cost
3x Winslow Schott ♦ Toyman
2 cost
2x Atomic Skull
3x Terra-Man
3 cost
3x Lex Luthor
3x Professor Emil Hamilton ♦ Ruin
4 cost
1x Livewire
1x Atomic Skull
4x Maxima
5 cost
1x Mongul
3x Preus
6 cost
1x Bizarro
1x Brainiac 2.5
1x Lex Luthor
7 cost
2x General Zod
8 cost
1x Solaris
1x Doomsday
Plot Twists
1 cost
1x Bizarro Ray
2 cost
1x Hostage Situation
2x Never-Ending Battle
3x State of the Union
4x Battle for Metropolis
4x Future Shock
3 cost
2x Trapped in the Sciencells
2x Imprisoned in the Source
2x Executive Privilege
4x Revenge Pact
4 cost
2x Standoff


Mr. Zsasz
Hank Henshaw Cyborg 5 drop
Barbara Gordon Oracle 7 drop
Barbara Gordon Oracle 3 drop
Basil Karlo Ultimate Clayface 7 drop
Darkseid 4 drop
Darkseid The Omega
The Joker Crazy For You
Catwoman Jewel Thief
Batman Twilight Vigilante
Kate Kane Batwoman
Batman Problem Solver
Batman Founding Member
Batman CoC
Batman 8 drop
Crime Doctor
Killer Croc
Renee Montoya
Scarecrow Fear and Loathing
Dr. Doom 3 drop
Tally Man
Calendar Man
Professor Emil Hamilton Ruin
Mr. Mxyzptlk 9 drop
The Riddler 4 drop
Sinestro 4 drop
Mr. Freeze Cold Shoulder
Alfred Pennyworth
Chilly Reception
Money Talks
Bat Got Your Tongue?
Pick A Card
Taking Aim
Batter Up!
Batzarro Beatdown
It’s A Hard Life
Beside Myself
Obey or Die!
Burn Baby Burn
The Future Is Changing
Usual Suspects
The Hook-Up
Legion Lost
Arkham Asylum Team-Up
Stryker’s Island
Blackgate Prison
Mind Gem
Ego Gem

Hal Jordan Fearless
John Henry Irons Steel Worksx2
Superman Metropolis Marvel x2
Martian Manhunter 6 drop x2
Martian Manhunter 8 drop
Wonder Woman AoP x3
Wonder Woman Founding Member
Batman Founding Member x3
Batman Justice’s Shadow
Aquaman Lord of Atlantis
Aquaman Founding Member
Gypsy Illusionary Operative
Roy Harper Red Arrow 2 drop x2
Kyle Rayner Guardian of the Universe
Wally West Keystone Cop
Barry Allen Crimson Tornado x2
Barry Allen Founding Member x2
Firestorm Ronnie Raymond
Ray Palmer World’s Smallest Hero
Magnificent Seven x3
Truth, Justice, and Peace x2
New Era
Reform The League x2
Terminal Velocity
Full Throttle
Fury of the Amazons
Atomize x2
Bring It On! x3
Telepathic Link
From The Darkness
Crisis Averted
Battle Training x2
Mightiest Heroes x4
Keystone City
The Watchtower x2
Hall of Justice x2


2 Responses to “MEGA-SUMMER”

  1. Quigonjon said

    My Secret Society deck is named “From beneath you it consumes” and my FF deck is called “The square root of 16 by the derivative of 4x.”

  2. sterofsteel said

    Thank u john, I’ll change those… someday.

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