PREVIOUSLY: Thursday Night Hobby League…

Posted by jadecanary on May 23, 2008

Wow, that sucked.

Even though our players had WEEKS to get ready, only 3 of us showed with big decks. The guy who wanted us to run the with the idea didn’t even build one! UGGH! In addition to my “Beyond Gotham Knights”, we had your typical Arkham/Revenge/Injustice/Secret Society and an Arkham/Thunderbolts/Injustice/Something that I just can’t remember. I played the second deck and couldn’t hit a JLIer or a GKnight to save my life. I didn’t play against the typical no fun/no thought Arkham because everyone wanted to play Galactus. Keep in mind that we had 8 players and 3 ready for the tournament. A 7 on 1 Galactus failed miserably after Galactus Nebulized on turns 1 and 3, effectively eliminating half of us.

Next week is Bring Your Own Set Modern. I expect 4 players to be ready for this one.

It was another humid and crappy day out on the route here in FL, and now I feel like crap. No Big Deck list. After what showed, I don’t think anyone cares anyway. I’ll get some trade stuff wants up here shortly. I’m gonna move some furniture around here, too. I have an idea. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

EDIT: And there’s the new furniture. A weekly list of my comic purchases and opinions. I found that I became disinterested in reviewing comics on a weekly basis. So I decided to do that. I’ll still review the books I want to talk about (I have a review of the Busiek run on Superman coming soon), but this saves me from feeling like I need to every week.


2 Responses to “PREVIOUSLY: Thursday Night Hobby League…”

  1. Arkham said

    Yeah…that’s it. The laziness sets in!

  2. sterofsteel said

    Don’t you talk to me about lazyness. You update your blog once a week… if you get around to it! And if you don’t you get some “Tiny Voice” to do it for you!

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