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Posted by jadecanary on June 23, 2008

I am STUNNNEDHENCHMAN. Yes, it is true. I’ll give you a little background on the name. I needed a name. STUNNEDHENCHMAN seem VS-ie. I went for it. The End.

I don’t post much on the Realms. There really isn’t much I have to say on the forum. The conversation revolves around how to break a card or real honest-to-God competition. There has never seemed to be much for me to comment about.

I headed to the Realms on Thursday after I got home for work as one of those “last second” checks before I get ready for hobby league. When I get there, I see a second message from UDE for the Mega-Weekend fiasco. I don’t care about Mega-Weekend NY. I feel for those that traveled there only to get screwed, but I wasn’t one of them. What caught my attention was the last paragraph…

Product Reprints
Reprinting our recent sets has been a hot topic on the realms recently, and the only thing I can say to you guys about this now is to continue to express your interest in these products not only here, but also to your retailers. This will propagate the signs of demand up the chain through retailers to the distributor level, where it will hit out sales scouts and come back to us. Obviously, we know that there are players who are having trouble getting their hands on products, but we need a better idea of the exact number of players impacted and the size of the demand.

Reprints. We need to order a product that is no longer available so that UDE may consider wether or not to make more. What? So I said (wrote?)… Read the rest of this entry »


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