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Posted by jadecanary on May 21, 2008

How about them Tampa Bay Rays!!!!


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GET BENT: Inadvertent Legends

Posted by jadecanary on May 13, 2008

What do you mean “Kyle Abbot” is your legend?

Back in January, in the infancy of the Arkham Asylum forum, I challenged the players at Emerald City to build a deck for a tournament. The challenge was “Build-a-Legend”… times two. I called it Dynamic Duo. Instead of building one legend, under typical UDE rules, they would have to build two. If a player chose Superman and Batman as their legends, then cards like “At Their Finest” would count as one card each for each legends card pool of 12. We saw our share of World’s Finest and Fantastic Four, yada yada. But I discovered something else when building the decks I brought to the store.

The Inadvertent Legend.

What I’d call an Inadvertent Legend is a character with at least three different character cards, or character cards that refer to the chosen name and no non-character cards that have his/her/its name on it. Generally cards before characters got the legend treatment. I wouldn’t say that Superman or Spider-man are Inadvertent Legends, because there are so many cards with these characters names on them.

My first Dynamic Duo deck involved two Inadvertent Legends: Barbara Gordon and Dinah Laurel Lance. Oracle and Black Canary.

(From a January 20 reply on Arkham Asylum:

Way Too Many Copies of Two Characters

I had to see for myself when I tried to build a non-legend legend– Dynamic Duo style. Here is the build for “Crippled Nagging Bitches”.

4X Dinah Laurel Lance<>Black Canary, New Wings
4X Barbara Gordon<>Oracle, Data Broker
2x Gypsy, Illusionary Operative
4x Barbara Gordon<>Oracle, Hacker Elite
2x Oliver Queen<>Green Arrow, Bullseye
4X Dinah Laurel Lance<>Black Canary, “Pretty Bird”
2X Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace
4X Firestorm, The Nuclear Man
4X Dinah Laurel Lance<>Black Canary, Cry in the Dark
4X Barbara Gordon<>Oracle, Inside Information

4X The Hook-Up, Team-up
4X Hero’s Welcome
3X Battle Training
3X Crisis Averted
3X Atomize
3X Reform The League
4X Bat Got Your Tounge
3X Hall of Justice

…the first deck I’ve ever built with 61 cards.
34 characters, 24 filling up the legend spots. Sounds dangerous, huh? All I got to say is that I took down the Lex/Joker DDuo (probally cause he missed his 5 drop and he put cards in my hand, so I didn’t have to draw.))

I cleaned-up the deck a bit and ran it in the tournament. I didn’t win, but I made it work. CARD DRAW GALORE!

Today, while I was delivering the mail, I was thinking of rebuilding “Crippled Nagging Bitches” and tweaking it a little more, and then that’s when I started thinking about Inadvertent Legends.

Back in January, I was looking for alternative ideas for this tourney, in case a player came to the store that night without a deck for the game. I was flipping through my League of Assassins cards (’cause I just finished getting what I needed from DC Legends to start working on a deck) and discovered an Inadvertennt Legend. Kyle Abbot. Kyle has a 3-drop from DC Origins that wasn’t too terrible for his time. He recieved another 3-drop in the DC Batman vs League of Assassins Starter Set. But that is only two…

Cost: 1 Whisper A’Daire, Serpent-Tongued Seductress
Team: League of Assassins
ATK: 2
DEF: 1
Whisper A’Daire gets +1/+1 while you control a character named Kyle Abbot.He provides the strength. She provides the subtlety.
DBM-022 Illustrator: Stuart Sayger
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Random Punks

That’s the first time I copied and pasted from docx VS search engine… pretty cool.

Whisper makes Kyle an Inadvertent Legend. THAT IS SO COOL!

While I was thinking about what to write in this article, I started thinking about, believe it or not, Crime Lords. I played with the Crime Lords for, like 5 minutes waaay back at the beginning of my VS days. I remember Mr. Hyde and some other guy… what’s his name. I think his card said Mr. Hyde on it. Oh docx…


Cost: 2 Cobra, Klaus Vorhees
Team: Crime Lords
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
When Cobra enters play, you may search your deck for a card named Mr. Hyde, reveal it, and put it into your hand.“I need a new partner . . . one who isn’t obsessed with Victorian horror novels.”
MMK-094 Illustrator: Rob Haynes
Card is legal in: Golden Age, Random Punks

Mr. Hyde has both a Crime Lords and a Masters of Evil card, and Cobra makes him an Inadvertent Legend. How about that?

CHALLENGE TIME: I want you to look around your cards and pick somebody that falls into this catagory. Think about how you would build around this Legend. Remember: your choice shouldn’t be an army character, nor should it have a non-character card with his name on it, and it can either be the Barbara Gordon way (she has 6 character cards) or like Kyle Abbot and Mr. Hyde (a buddy card that makes them Legendrific). I’d like to hear your ideas. And if you do build something around you inadvertents, take it to your hobby league and then let me know how it played out.

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Posted by jadecanary on May 9, 2008

Thursday night hobby league was packed down at Emerald City… but there was only 8 of us. One full table was taken up by a game Risk between two players. One table was taken up by WOW players. I’ll never tell our store owner that we don’t want other games going on during our hobby league, but I reserve the right to be annoyed.

My cards are a mess. I pulled out a bunch of cards to build a couple of Galactic Conquest-legal decks, and, due to my lazyness, I didn’t put them back. I was hoping for some time Thursday to clean up at the store and work on some decks. Maybe even stir up some deck building conversation, but it was for naught. Oh well. I’ll get around to it sometime.

The first book I read this week was Rann-Thanagar Holy War. I have been really into the space epics from DC of late. From Adam Strange: Planet Heist all the way through Countdown to Adventure. I’m happy Jim Starlin is on this project and I like seeing the stars of all these arcs come together (and Bizarro thrown into the mix, too).

I don’t know the details behind the delay of the conclusion of the “Last Son” story arc in Action Comics, but I do know it was annoying. This may be my review… if I re-read books from a year ago.

Dini may not have pulled off Countdown the way he wanted to, but his work on Detective Comics continues to impress. I have always been facinated by Scarface, the dummy crime lord of the Batman mythos. I was sad when he became one of Harvey Dent’s victims in the first Batman arc after the one year jump. Again, I was sad at the end of this story, but don’t be surprised if he comes back.

I have my players working on making a Legend, using MSE2, for a tournament. This is the lead in to a store VS set. We chose DC vs Marvel, but after the DC licence fell through, we change to just DC. We are focusing on the Sinestro Corps War, with some love thrown at the other stories that happened around the same time. If you want to see my example legend, Booster Gold, head over to the Arkham Asylum forum.

Just think, if it wasn’t for OPERATION CHAOS, this political season might have been boooring. BENDING STEEL proudly supports OPERATION CHAOS.

The Tampa Bay Rays are holding down second place in the AL East and playing like they are a good team. Look out Boston!

The Illuminati are facinating. Just facinating. i don’t know if I hate the non-affiliation affiliation, or like it, but I am trying to figure out how to abuse it in the store DC set. I still think I want to build Hulk and the Warbound. And Nextwave. They look like lots of fun!

Made some changes to the site. I got rid of the vote card. I have a 20″ widescreen monitor, so everything looks normal to me. But I’ve noticed, as I introduced the site to others with smaller monitors, that the other two columns on the right end up at the bottom of the page. How annoying! Maybe these changes fixed that. Oh, and there is a pic of me now on THE MAN BEHIND THE GLASSES. I also added links to a blog about pictures of fat Wonder Woman and a site from Gail Simone (writer: Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Secret Six) about abuse of women in comics. It’s called Women in Refrigerators. It’s under the link: Why my wife doesn’t want me to be a super-hero…

Countdown to Mystery is calling to me… See you this weekend.

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THE FLAVOR OF: Scarecrow

Posted by jadecanary on May 7, 2008

This post is simul-posted on the portal of Arkham Asylum. Maybe you might want to read both.

Let’s start with the world famous wiki-link:

That’s my way of being lazy.

So here’s the deal. I’m going to take a look at the previous incarnations of Scarecrow from UDE’s VS System and put them to the flavor test. Then I have a special surprise for all you fans of Arkham Asylum: Journey Into Madness, coming to an Emerald City Comics and Games store near you (me?).

The Five Fives of Fear.

Let’s start this tour of terror with the original, and my favorite: Scarecrow, Professor Jonathan Crane. This Scarecrow continues the concept, seen in the Doom plot twist “Reign of Terror” of fear translated into VS. Let me start with the boost. “Boost X:When Scarecrow enters play, return all characters with a cost of X or less your opponents control to owner’s hands. For each character returned to hand this way, put two +1 ATK/+1 DEF counters on Scarecrow.” Scarecrow’s fear toxin sends all the small brains scurrying away. All that fear makes Dr. Crane powerful. I say he’s my favorite because I like to drop at least one copy of him into an Arkham Inmates deck… just in case. I remember years ago when I ran Arkham against Wild Vomit and I boosted Scarecrow to 6. My opponent dumped all the Wilds back into Bastion on his swing, and then the other half of Dr. Crane’s power kicked in…

“Whenever Scarecrow stuns an attacker, return that character to owner’s hand. Whenever Scarecrow becomes stunned by a defender, return Scarecrow to owner’s hand.”

Bastion felt fear, and he ran away.

Origins Scarecrow is an amazing card flavor-wise. He sends the little guys running and, if he is scary enough, he’ll send an attacker away. But then again, if he meets his match, like the comic character, he’ll succumb to his own nightmare 5/5

Scarecrow, Psycho Psychologist, the first single-affiliated Injustice Gang-er deviates from the return to hand for more of the team method. He gets counters on a boost, like his predecessor, but unlike the Origins, he has a team-flavor burn. This Scarecrow is the staple 5/6 drop of the Injustice Gang’s hand lock/burn. But is he flavorful? Not so much. This card doesn’t follow the VS style of fear. But it’s still a damn good card for his faction. I will give credit where credit is due: John Van Fleet knocked it out of the park with the art on this one. The only image of Scarecrow you see is the reflection of the villain on his scythe. And his poor hostage, sends a chill up my back thinking of horrors in store for him. 3/5

The Fearmonger. Thank you Fearmonger for the Justice League playmat I earned from using you. Fearmonger is the go-to Scarecrow. A 10/9 5-drop isn’t shabby, but to put counters on top of that? Dr. Crane’s feeling that Shinobi Shaw kind of love. But what makes this Secret Society/Arkham Inmates such a killer is the power to steal a counter. Do you remember Nimrod? Nimrod remembers the introduction of the Fearmonger, and he’s been cowering ever since. The flavor to this card is that Scarecrow makes you afraid, you give him something precious to make it stop, and he gets stronger. But he doesn’t go away, he comes after you… and he gets stronger. The team of Bachalo and Parsons nail it on the art. 5/5

World’s Finest gave us our fourth 5-drop, with an Insanity twist. Back to Scarecrow’s old stomping grounds, Scarecrow, Fear and Loathing sends a character packing, a 2-drop that is. But just one. And you have to discard to do it. At random. Not the best Scarecrow to drop into your Injustice Gang. But if you’re feeling a little… insane, you get a 3-drop. The flavor of this card fits the fear style and his madness eliminates some of the most dangerous characters in the game. Tomm Coker’s art doesn’t stand out compared to the DJL offerings. 4/5

DC Legends is the place to find the first redesigned Scarecrow, Chiroptophobic. (I had no idea what that really long word over there meant until an origin story in the back of an issue of Countdown explained that it was a fear of bats. [now in my best Will Ferrell-doing-Alex Trebeck-voice] Fear of Bats.) This Injustice Gang-er doesn’t play with just anyone, he is Loyal to his team. This version continues the classic fear theme by returning all 2-drops back to the hands. But at what cost? Two cards. I haven’t played this Scarecrow in a deck yet (Hell, I only own one copy) because Circe is soooo much better in modern, and his earlier incarnation is the man in Golden. But that’s not what this post is about, now is it? He pulls off the flavor trick. He makes people go away, and better then his Insanity cousin. The art by Ryan Sook, the unofficial official artist of DC Legends gives us the first Scarecrow without his scythe. The mask in Sook’s art reminds me of Batman Begins and the ghostly images to the sides of the psychotic doctor is, no doubt, fear-toxin induced. Also the first artist to illustrated that aspect of the Scarecrow. 4/5

So that’s it. That’s the flavor of Scarecrow. Good night now.

<Tiny Voice> “Show them!”

“Oh no, not you!”

<Tiny Voice> “The doctor will see you now!”


BENDING STEEL proudly presents Arkham Asylum: Journey Into Madness Preview: Scarecrow, Fear Unleashed

The first thing I asked <Tiny Voice> was, “Is it a 5-drop?” Nope, it’s a 9-drop, concealed. Hiding the Scarecrow is new to the game, making people go away is not. A 9-drop raid deck character sending back all 3-drop and less characters in a four-player game could wreak havoc on the Rescue Team. His raid gameplay flavor owes a debt of gratitude to Stardust and The Fallen One. But the rest is all his. Like Professor Jonathan Crane and Fearmonger before him… he gets the counters. And just think, when Moon Knight pops out of a Defenders deck, Scarecrow if he’s feeling a little insane, pops 5 +1/+1 counters, jumps out of hiding and says, “BOO!” Nighty-Knight. The art is cool, I just wish I knew who the artist was. 5/5

Excellent job with the card, Marc. I’m loving this set so far and I hope everyone has been following the JiM previews on Arkham Asylum, Arkham’s Asylum and on Bending Steel.

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