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I Have Seen the Madness, and I am Scarred

Posted by jadecanary on June 30, 2008

When you are playing “The Coming of Galactus” and you find the Alliance is up 72-27 going into turn 6, you start to feel a little comfortable, right? Not when you enter the Asylum. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Vengeance of Bane

Posted by jadecanary on June 16, 2008

Read the compainion piece at BENDING STEEL REVIEW
Bane was born in a prision in Santa Prisca, a corrput island nation. As an infant, he was sentenced to serve out his father’s life sentence. He recieved a classical education: he was taught by an elderly Jesuit Preist and by other harden criminals within the walls of the prision. He killed his first man at age 8. Bane kept a knife inside a teddy bear. He trained and made himself the king of the prison. Read the rest of this entry »

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