Posted by jadecanary on July 16, 2008

I have been contemplating this post for about a week now. Hell, I’ve been contemplating alot of things having to do with this blog and Bending Steel Review. I still don’t know just what I’m going to say, so what you read is coming straight off the top of my head.

Arkham Month is dead. Why? Utter disinterest. This was something I was excited about when the idea first came up. A month of Arkham fun. And why not? Marc’s new raid deck, The Dark Knight movie and I wanted to build a new Arkham deck. So what happened? I hit that “cards doldrums” thing that happens occasionally. I started questioning why I’m dumping so much money into this game. It’s not like I play professionally. I don’t make the roadies to the Mega-Weekends. This is a “Thursday Night Hang Out With Your Friends” kind of thing.

I think this all started with the DC/UDE thing. As you probally know, I’m a DC guy. I made a decision a long time ago to only play DC. It was a money thing. I just couldn’t afford four sets a year. Now DC is gone for the foreseeable future. I figured if I wanted to stay in the game, I would have to purchase Marvel Universe.

I copied and pasted all the Marvel Universe previews onto the Arkham Asylum Forum, so I had a real opportunity to look at what UDE decided to sneak to us. I decided that if I really was going to buy MUN, I would pick a team and stick to it. That team was Warbound. I always liked Hulk and I was excited by the idea of running him, and just him. Then Marvel Universe came out. I picked up 5 packs of the set and figured I would have to wait till payday to pick up a box or two. And just like that, it was gone. The secondary market was out of the question. What the hell?

Then the reprint argument started. UDE refuses to print more of a set unless the distributors yadda yadda yadda I’m not about to get into this again. I’m getting annoyed just writing it.

Back on the home front, I had set up a number of tournaments in May. We seemed to be running (what I felt like) was too many tourneys. We had the UDE sanctioned bullcrap and the the Emerald City Hobby League fun stuff. We didn’t run a single tournament that month. We couldn’t get more then 3 people interested in the tourney. That really sucked, given the time and effort I put into coming up with this crap.

I haven’t built a solid deck in a few months. I feel like I have been going into it half-heartedly. These are all the same cards I have seen before, and I can’t decipher the Da Vinci Code within the text boxes.

So I questioned myself. Why bother? Then it gets worse. I’m checking out the realms a couple weeks ago and I find a post about some guy who drew all over his cards. I followed a link and found the originator of Evil Medical School (who turns out to be the guy on the Hulk card). This is how much I am outside of the loop. When it comes to this game and its community, I really have no clue.

I’m ready to quit. I think I’m done with this game. I’m done with the VS cards blogging and all that other crap. After all these years, I still don’t know what I’m doing. I make crap decks, or I luck into some sort of combo that can just be obliterated by a top-tier deck.

Here’s an aside (told you I’m writing this right off the top of my head): the top-tier decks left Emerald City years ago. Many of the pro players used to play there, but when UDE started to drop the ball, they quit the game (many went to poker, hey you don’t need to buy cards in the secondary market in that game). I remember playing Marc alot during that time. My wife used to work until, like 3 in the morning on Saturday nights and I would hang with Marc and play, like, 8 games. It was fun… when I felt like I had a chance. I used to chastise him for putting a card like Cover Fire in a Superman or Green Lantern deck. I would tell him, “You don’t mix Marvel and DC. That’s weak.” Looking back, I hope I didn’t take the fun and competition out of him. I know that Marc adapted that style of play, keeping DC and Marvel separated. I tried to change my friend’s play style so I could compete with him.

Then there was Derrick. Derrick is affectionately known by the EC crew as Spider_D. And it was me that coined the phrase “… you burn for 5!” I’m not going to go in too deep on D here, because we have a going away party scheduled on July 24 for him, and I’ll do something here for that. Anyways, D and I were playing all night while the rest of the guys were playing Mega-Thursday. I wasn’t feeling to keen on the game that night and pretty much threw D a bone here. I was gonna read some comics and go home early, but he had a new deck to try out, so I played. I started with the JSA/Flash deck, then the Gotham Knights that I prepared for the Arkham raid deck. Both games were good wins, but nothing exciting. Then, in our third game, I ran “Crippled Nagging Bitches”. I decked myself with a Gotham Knights/JLA build. I. Decked. Myself. Never happened before, not even with the Secret Society. I got the win, but that wasn’t important. I did something in this game I’ve never done before. And it was fun.

“I got the win, but that wasn’t important.” It really isn’t anymore. I played like that for a while, but getting my ass kicked takes a toll on the ole ego. So here I am, back again. This time, there are no new cards to get excited about. Just the same ole Da Vinci Code to try to break. i think I’m refocused and ready to play.

Then there is the blog. My poor poor blog, who I have neglected so. Time to change things. I started Bending Steel Review to talk about comics and get it away from this blog and the conversation here. After all, there is already a guy that reviews comics on a blog that is part of the VS Network. But when it came to BSR, I realized that I’m not doing what I really want to do with that. And the same thing here. I want to stir up a conversation. Let’s talk about things through the computer. So I felt it was time for a radical change in philosophy. BSR will no longer be updated. It is done. Instead, I have started a new blog called BENDING STEEL.


I’ve decided that this blog will be renamed and refocused. BENDING CARDS will be a blog ONLY about VS System, the EC Hobby League, and other card things. There is one simple mission statement for BENDING CARDS: Have fun playing the game. So, no, I will not tell you how to become a world champion. I will tell you my experiences playing with “Anti-Life Equation”. I’ll tell you how I will make “Firepits of Apokolips” work and how “Play Time” is a staple in a certain deck. I will find those hard to use cards and find their purpose. And screw all of you top tiers, because winning isn’t everything if the only thing on the line is a fun time.

What about the new BENDING STEEL? I like blogging. It lets me get out my creative side. So BS is everything else. BS is my… well, BS. If you want to argue over my political musings, or maybe want an update on Bob the Mailman, head on over there.

I think that’s it. Just run the spell checker and post. And thank you, all, for reading my blog and sticking around. And don’t forget to post those comments! I want conversation!


2 Responses to “Welcome to BENDING CARDS”

  1. Bamf66 said

    For what it’s worth I really enjoy your blog and am pleased you’re not abandoning blogging about Vs. altogether.

  2. I Am Iron Man said

    Bro, I still love ya man! and now I have your info again. Will be looking to reading blog, or reviews. I love them!
    Spell checker… Firfox my friend. All ready has that spell checker, and will make sure you spell right! Or, it’s the red line till you fix the flipping thing!

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