I Have Seen the Madness, and I am Scarred

Posted by jadecanary on June 30, 2008

When you are playing “The Coming of Galactus” and you find the Alliance is up 72-27 going into turn 6, you start to feel a little comfortable, right? Not when you enter the Asylum.

I was over at Marc’s Sunday evening play-testing the “Arkham Asylum: Journey Into Madness” raid deck (release date: July 17th) and… Oh my…

I brought three decks with me for this match-up: Gotham Knights, JLI and Shadowpact. Gotham was teched-out for Galactus-esque combat: Fizzles, GCPD Headquarters, double-damage 4 drop Bats, double-damage 5 drop Bats, double-damage 7 drop Bats and Azrael, Tim Drake and Follow the Leader, etc. I even made up my own set of “Call in a Favor”. The JLIhad a solid rush with a variation of my “Glorious Light” combo, using the 4 drop Doc Light instead of the 3 drop. That deck packed Savage Beatdowns. Then there was the Shadowpact. This version was more about stong printed ATK/DEF stats then the Magic PTs.

To keep things short, Gotham hit a god-curve with 2 Dynamic Duos. The JLI started out missing characters, but the Glorious Light did hit the field. The Shadowpact hit characters but missed PTs big time. And at the start of turn 6, it was 72-27.

We scooped.

Get ready for Freeze-Lock, boys.

Maybe some of you remember these cards from the very first post on BENDING STEEL. These cards are not a joke, they are dangerous. Especially with the “MADNESS” keyword. The first rule of MADNESS is this…

Madness cards cannot be MANIPULATED by effects your opponents control.

That’s right, Darkseid can’t touch it. You can’t make the opponent replace it or KO it. There is nothing you can do…

…or is there?

Anyway, the rescue Team also got screwed around a bit by The Riddler. He snatched the JLI’s Tasmanian Devil, which forced our attention away from the real threat and more towards the newly nutty Australian.

Speaking (writing?) about the newly nutty, how about them MADNESS counters? They sucked. What’s a MADNESS counter? Well, it’s a

Tiny Voice: “SHUT UP”

uh… never mind.

The biggest issue we had was the reoccurring little guys. They just kept coming back for more, like Film Freak. Many of our Emerald City players had no idea who Film Freak was. July 17th, you’ll never forget him. And it’s not like Clayface helped matters, either.

We also saw Mr. Zasaz, Great White, Hush, Hugo Strange and The Toyman.

This deck will also Revolutionize the way an attack resolves. This option is not Civil, nor is it twice worldly. Koreans, Vietnamese and Iraqis have never seen combat like this. It’s like “Roshambo” and no doubt if you have ever played with a deck of cards, you’ve done it too.

But it was the Revolving Door┬áPT that made me scoop. With the Freeze-Lock in full effect, Revolving Door ended the game. That scare you yet? Then wait until you experience “One Bad Day” (I didn’t this game, but I’ve seen it…).

If you are one of those players that whine and complain when a person has a new card, and thoroughly kicks your ass with it, you will hate this deck. But I will tell you this, I don’t think this deck or any of it’s cards are broken. But it is difficult. You will need some tech, not just Galactus tech. And even then, even if you think you’ve won, a flip of a coin could take it all away.

Alright, I think I said enough… or maybe to much.

Okay… two more things.

#1: there is a character card that is currently in the deck, that Marc may trash, but I hope he doesn’t. It is the newest inmate of the Asylum. Don’t know who it is? I think you do…

#2: BENDING STEEL proudly presents:


One Response to “I Have Seen the Madness, and I am Scarred”

  1. 3 cost – Plot Twist
    Lets Put a Smile on that Face!
    Play only if you control the Joker.

    At the start of the recovery phase each of your oppenents must KO a character he controls with cost less than the number of resources he controls.

    Ongoing Insanity: At the start of the Build Phase. Flip a Coin, if you called it correctly draw a card

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