THE AMERICAN WAY: Why Bother Drilling?

Posted by jadecanary on June 27, 2008

Mom and Dad are sitting in the living room watching CNN. They are watching Barack Obama making a speech about why America should not drill for oil off of the coast of Florida when little Billy walks into the room…

Obama: “…no short term benefits, since it would take at least ten years to get any oil.”

Little Billy stands there for a moment listening, then approaches his father.

Little Billy: “Daddy, why do I have to go to school?”

Dad: “Because you will receive a good education. Then you can get a great job and make lots of money so that we can retire.”

Little Billy: “Why bother? There are no short term benefits of my education, and I am not helping the family now.”

Dad: “Go to bed.”

Little Billy: “But isn’t that what Mr. Obama just said?”

Dad: “GO. TO. BED.”

As you can see from the skit above, “no short term benefits” is not a good excuse. For too long, this country has been lazy, and now we are paying for it, literally. We have relied on Canada, Mexico, South America and the Middle East to provide all our fuel needs. We can no longer do that. Whether it’s the price of the barrel or making deals with countries that support terrorism (or just look the other way), America must be independent of other countries for our fuel.

BENDING STEEL supports drilling for oil within the borders of the United States. The two initatives I’d like you to take a look at is Operation Drill Bit and Newt Gingrich’s Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less Petition

But drilling is not the only answer. America must continue to explore other way to support ourselves. We must look again at nuclear energy and coal-to-oil plants. Congress must act to cut the red tape to get these options moving forward.

As Americans continue to be blinded by the Global Warming hoax, research is in full swing for “greener” technologies. Our government must not act rashly by jumping at these “greener” efforts, like they did with Ethanol. Ethanol has driven up the price of corn not only here, but in the world economy. Ethanol costs more to produce and ship then conventional fuels and it has more of an impact on “the carbon footprint” then said fuels. Ethanol can damage parts in an engine and lead to costly repairs and/or vehicle replacement faster then a vehicle powered by gas.

We must drill. We must go nuclear. We must use our abundant coal resources. We must use the brilliant minds that only the United States of America could produce to power this country with “the 21st century fuel”. If we don’t, we show a crippling Achilles’ Heel for our enemies to take advantage of. Our government must act now!


3 Responses to “THE AMERICAN WAY: Why Bother Drilling?”

  1. pobept said

    E85 ethanol ready engines do not suffer from the use of this fuel!
    I agree, we must build many nuclear power generating stations, better use our coal and tar sand oil rich reserves and yes, we must drill on ever mile of US soil / territory to increase our own oil production and reserves. We must also build new more effective oil refining facilities. We must take back our dependence for energy from foreign governments.

  2. sterofsteel said

    But that’s the problem. Gas stations like Sshello are already putting Ethanol in their gas. Not everybody (like myslf) have an E85 engine, and I’m not looking to replace my vehicle for several years.

  3. SereDuerm said

    Very nice!!

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