The Greatest Batman Movie Ever

Posted by jadecanary on June 19, 2008

13 days: He just sits there, like a bump on a log. His own kind of prision. He can’t move, can’t even blink. He just stares, looking at nothing with that painted expression on his face. But he feels them, crawling all through him. Eating at him from the inside. Damn termites. “DUMMY! I can’t wait 13 days, GET ME OUTTA HERE!”


2 Responses to “The Greatest Batman Movie Ever”

  1. kstockdale said

    Hi Sterlign, it is Kim…kind of stinks the way they moved me with no notice huh??? Well, I have a blog I am journeygurl. There is not much to it. I am learning…one day I will have mine looking cool like yours….well off to find your wife in here. Until we chat again.

  2. kstockdale said

    Dude, I forgot to spell check before i sent that, sorry about your name.

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