The Vengeance of Bane

Posted by jadecanary on June 16, 2008

Read the compainion piece at BENDING STEEL REVIEW
Bane was born in a prision in Santa Prisca, a corrput island nation. As an infant, he was sentenced to serve out his father’s life sentence. He recieved a classical education: he was taught by an elderly Jesuit Preist and by other harden criminals within the walls of the prision. He killed his first man at age 8. Bane kept a knife inside a teddy bear. He trained and made himself the king of the prison.

The warden, fearing Bane would lead a revolt, removed him the population and subjected him to deadly experiments with the steroid drug Venom. Bane withstood the tests and became depended on the drug. Ports were drilled through his skull to allow Venom to be pumped directly into his brain. Bane used a Venom-contol device on his arm to increase or decrease the amount of Venom he recieved.

Bane was plauged with dreams. He drempted that a great bat would destroy him. Later, Bane met an inmated he later re-named Bird. Bird used to live in Gotham City. Bird would tell Bane stories of the Batman. Bane became obsessed with Batman. With two other henchmen, Trogg and Zombie, Bane and Bird escaped Santa Prisca to Gotham City.

After teasing with Batman for a while, Bane put his plan into action. Bane destroyed Arkham Asylum, allowing all the inmates to escape. Batman, already exhausted from the never-ending battle, was now forced to collect the inmates and get them off of Gotham’s streets. After an incident involving The Scarecrow, the Joker, the Mayor, and a flooded subway. Batman was finally done. He drove home, and headed straight to bed. But all he got was Bane. After a one-sided fight, Bane snapped Batman’s spine in two, and left him to wallo in his misery.

Bane’s victory was short lived. Batman passed the mantle to Azrael, and he kicked the living Venom-crap out of Bane.

Bane later hooked up with Ra’s Al Ghul, serving as his Ubu and Talia’s betrothed. Then he got a rematch with Bruce Wayne, once again Batman. Batman defeated Bane this time.

And that was it. Bane’s career has been in a tailspin ever since. DC took a great idea for a bad guy and crapped on it. Hell, they took the criminal career that should of been Bane’s and gave it to Blockbuster. Bane was made to be more then muscle, he was a master strategist. But alas, he gets no love, he’s just another super-villain addict.

Vs fans of yesteryear knew the man Bane was. If you were playing against an Arkham Inmates deck, and (somehow) got your 6-drop stunned by their 5-drop, when Bane came in next, he had a finishing move for that stunned character. Or perhaps you faced the League of Assassins and didn’t manage to stun 5-drop Bane, Ubu. Uh-Oh. But like the comics, Bane hasn’t seen any respect since DC Origins.

At first sight, Bane is underpowered as a 9-drop. But that is before he hits the Venom control on his wrist. Discarding a card at random allows Bane to get pumped up! To draw on the flavor of previous Bane cards, if you come at Bane, someone’s gonna die. And if Bane comes at you, and you can’t stop him, you’re gonna die, too. As a regular member of the Alliance, I know keeping characters around, especially strong ones, and stunning big guys with as few characters as possible is important. Bane puts you on notice. Do you have enough to get around the random discard “Venom-pump”? Who are you willing to sacrifice?

Bane, Juiced Up Maniac is simple and straight to the point. “I get stronger, and you die.”

ARKHAM ASYLUM: JOURNEY INTO MADNESS makes its debut at Emerald City on July 17. Will the rescue team be ready in time???

15 days: In the detox wing, you can hear him, like a caged animal, running into the padded walls. But the walls aren’t so padded anymore. His constant pounding from his hands, feet, torso and head have worn the pad to the concrete and leaving red stains. He rubs his wrist, as if something should be there, “15 days… 15 days…” He rubs the ports fiendish doctors drilled into his head years ago. “I’ve waited longer.”


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