Mega-Summer Week One Match-up

Posted by jadecanary on June 14, 2008

The following is a report filed by Torch on his conquest of Arkham in Week One of the Mega-Summer:

Torch (Sentinels) vs Arkham (X-Men)

Tournament Report

It is a dark and dreary night. Unseasonably cool for this time in June and strangely lacking any breeze at all. Wolverine strolls down the street looking in different shop windows – one is a candy store, another is a barber shop, a third has women’s clothes. He wonders what Cyclops, Emma and Domino think about the sleepy little town in Northern Alberta where he grew up.

Suddenly his reverie is cut short as the Hounds of Ahab appear. Caught off guard, these vacationing X-men are clawed and gnawed. Wolverine’s animal instinct allows him to be the first to recover and the telltale *snikt* is heard as he launches himself into battle. Just as he closes his distance from the Hounds, a Sentinel Mark II sails in from the sky and a loud THUD reverberates through the street as it lands next to the Hounds. ‘Mutant detected’ the robotic voice coldly states, ‘Initiating Search and Destroy…’

‘Sorry, bub. But ain’t no tin can gonna ruin my trip.’ And with that Wolverine launches a full out assault shredding the Mark II and doing massive damage. The Hounds see the bloodlust in Wolverine’s eyes and are quelled for the moment.

Emma Frost rushes in behind Wovlerine as a Sentinel Mark V hits the scene. Emma quickly makes her body as hard as diamond but it is no match for the onslaught of the Mark V and it Savagely Beats her Down. The Mark II engages Wolverine as the Hounds go in for the kill on Emma. Wolverine finishes off the Mark II and when the smoke clears it is the Sentinel Mark V and the Hounds of Ahab facing off with a Wolverine, beefed up by his rage.

Cyclops decides it is time for him to enter battle and he falls in line behind Wolverine, all the while surveying the situation and shouting tactical orders to his team. Nimrod makes his entry and takes his place in front of the Mark V. An all out assault is launched – limbs, visors and circuits flying everywhere! The sounds of twisted metal and snarls of feral rage can be heard for miles around. After the poundings are produced only Nimrod and the Hounds of Ahab stand for the Sentinels, while Wolverine once again stands alone, staring back at them larger than life.

Meanwhile, Cyclops had been knocked half a block away but now rallies himself and grabs Domino on the way back into battle, only to be met by Bastion, the leader of operation Zero Tolerance. That this operation means zero tolerance for mutants is all too apparent to them. Bastion, Nimrod and the Hounds take the X-men nearly to extinction, but the team’s recovery powers are extraordinaire, and they fight back valiantly. But nothing could prepare them for the arrival of the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto! How could this be? A mutant fighting alongside the Sentinels – mutantkind’s greatest foe? Wolverine and Cyclops team attack Magneto fueled by a combination of anger and disgust. Magneto goes down, and Domino valiantly tries to bring down Bastion, but to no avail. The Sentinels finally overwhelm the heroes and capture them for interrogation back at the underground Sentinel base.

Winner: Torch (Sentinels)

Wow, and I thought they were just playing cards! Seriously, great write-up, Torch!

17 days: Things have been quiet for the good doctor, the head of the Asylum. No escapes. No fighting. No Orderlies dead. Things have been… well, sane. He sits down in his office chair–

>> FART!!<<

A whoopie cushion. And somewhere, the laughing man laughes.


One Response to “Mega-Summer Week One Match-up”

  1. Torch said

    Thanks! We were playing cards but the thing I love most about this game is the characters. The game is what you make it – and for those of us that are comic lovers the sky is the limit!

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