Mega-Summer starts, and I bought five packs of MUN

Posted by jadecanary on June 13, 2008

Mega-Summer started out with a… dropout. Yes, our ranks fell to 6. But never fear, I changed the schedule for the third time, and the Season started with a blast… from a curved Sentinel. Oh yes, the Sentinels are back in our metagame.

Writing this gets me thinking about the ECHL metagame, something I’ve never really thought about. I’m here just to make my super-hero (or villiain) cards act more like what they are based off of, but some people actually want to win things. Torch adds to our HL the classic Curved Sentinels and the Villiains United/Checkmate unholy alliance. americn_badass is taking his Trinity JLA and his pish-posh “every card in my deck draws a card” Insanity deck to Mega-Weekend (and whatever he has the cards to netdeck). Mudkipz is a one man/one deck ongoing machine with his Revenge Squad. “I Am Iron Man” does not run Iron Man. Funny, huh? He likes X-Statix. That’s cool. He has an Outsiders/Teen Titans swarmers and he’s working on some Manhunters. But the Man-hunting is the passion of LackOfANoun (I can’t wait till he reads that). On top of that, Noun is our resident servant of Dr. Doom. That comes into conflict with Quigonjon, who has never met a Fantastic 4 build he didn’t like. -jon also has a fasination with the Underworld and the Secret Society. -jon brought us “xpuppykickerx” from the Emerald City sister store in Clearwater. xpuppy has beaten the crap out of me with his Marvel Knights, MVL-style. Who runs anything from MMK anymore, anyway? Spider_D! D doesn’t have alot of disposable income, so he plays with what he has. The spirit of this game. His Marvel Knights have gotten the best of me, and D swings with both Spider-Man and Batman.

Our “Shelf Replenshing Engineers” and “Register Jockeys” at Emerald City throw down a bit, too. I traded all of my Doom Patrol stuff to “Azrael” (and learned to regret it), making him our official Doom Patroller. I admire him for not trying to jam too many Teen Titans into the deck. He also has a Shadowpact, and cudos to that. Starman, our regular Thursday Night register jockey, plays… Aquaman. He has built a deck around the DC swimmers, teaming them up with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Stars also backs-up with the Defenders, sends the Synister Syndicate 1-drops against Galactus and exhausts with the JSA. And I thought I was a big Jack Knight fan.

We have some not-so-regulars (this is you McLovin’, you know what I’m talking about…). McLovin’, Arkham’s little bro, hangs with an exhausting Spider-Man, masters evil (when he’s not mastering himnself) and does a little Defending himself. Thor’s Big Toe doesn’t play much VS anymore, but if he’s sitting down across from you, he’s running the Avengers (MAV), The Fatal Five, or the Kree. Megladon spins a web his size (and that’s saying something), he Avenges, and he sends the Skrulls after Galactus.

Then there is Arkham. Arkham has the single greatest mono-Gotham Knights deck I have ever seen. And the cool thing is, all his generic cards all have Batman or a Gotham Knight in the picture. Ark’s all over the X-Men now. But if you ask him if he has a deck for a certain team, he probably does. And if he doesn’t, and it’s a DC team, I have it. Except for the Fearsome Five. I gotta get around to that.

Wow, that was a tangent.

Oh, by the way, I bought 5 packs of MUN. I have two Hulk rares. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this set.

18 days: His bed is ripped to shreads. His coils made into a slinky, “I’m a Superman person, not a Batman person. But soon, children… soon.”


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