Posted by jadecanary on June 8, 2008

With Mega-Weekends left and right, UDE is giving players a chance to be competitive against players from around the world for big prizes. With a homemaker wife and a boy not even two, my chance of attending one of these Mega-Weekends is non-existant.

To Hell with the Mega-Weekend. I ‘ve got something better.

Welcome to Mega-Summer.

The ECHL Mega-Summer is a season long tournament to determine who is the best player in our store. Players are encouraged to build three of their best deck ideas and submit them. A schedule has already been prepared for them and each week the players will play one game. The winners and losers are recorded and a stanndings will be kept. At the end, there can be only one, and that one will be the best player of the ECHL and receive a box of Marvel Universe. I will have participation available and door prizes for the players throughout the season. I will have a “Game of the Week”, player profiles and deck match-ups here on Bending Steel, and you can follow what the players are saying at the Arkham Asylum Forum for the Emerald City Hobby League.

Mega-Summer: The Heat of Battle, The Blinding Light of Victory!

23 days: He looks at his skin and wonders, “Where will I put all my new cuts? Where will I put all my new victims!?”


2 Responses to “Mega-Summer”

  1. Torch said

    Is there a chance to get into this tournament? Or is it already under way? Is the ‘Build-a-Legend’ part of it, or is it a separate thing? For the ‘three deck ideas’, would I submit 3 golden age deckbuilds to you?

  2. sterofsteel said

    Forum PM about Mega-Season sent

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