The Importance of the First Week of June

Posted by jadecanary on June 4, 2008

How can I stand this close to you and not be moved by you?

The first week of June is special for me. This year in particular because all the dates fall on the right days of the week. The way it was five years ago.

Back then… a long time ago, another lifetime. I’m still a sub mailman, covering a route until the retirement of another carrier is finalized. The second delivery of the day is a bank. I go into the bank, I find someone to give the mail to, I leave and go to the next stop. I don’t think much about it. There is one teller I regularly seek out to give the mail to, because she has a pretty smile and she’s polite. Nothing different then any other stuff.

One day, she had some books she wanted to send back to sender. She told me she was on that Science Fiction Bookclub and she cancelled her subscription. I gave her a look. “You one of those sci-fi geeks?” I asked her. Yes, I ASKED HER if she was a geek. She admitted to it. I smiled and told her that I was one too.

One rainy day, when I stopped in to deliver the mail, she asked me if I could help her replace the toner in the bank copier. Two years ago, I was a copy machine operator and mail room manager for a HMO. “Sure, no problem.” I had no idea what I was doing, but I figured it out. Eventually.

I decided I wanted to ask the teller out. I didn’t really know what to do. She worked part time at the movie theater downtown. How can I ask a movie theater employee to see a movie? That’s like asking a waitress if she wanted to get a cup of coffee and maybe a bite to eat. I remember that Sunday June 1, 2003, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays were hosting a 1 PM game, and giving away a Lou Pinella bobble head doll. I figured I could take her to the game, have lunch at the Batter’s Eye restaurant, and score a bobble head doll.

When I get to the bank, I zero in on her immediately. We talk about this and that. She mentions a movie called “Down With Love”, starring Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellwegger. I thought the movie’s premise was interesting and I mentioned it was a movie I wanted to see, too. So SHE asked me to the movies. What’s up with that. I agreed and we made a date.

No Lou Pinella bobble head doll for me.

I get to the theater. I wait in the wrong spot for several minutes. I go looking for her. Eventually I find her. We head into the theater. Revelation #1: I take off my sunglasses.

(One month earlier: I’m shaving my head, as I do regularly. I look into the mirror and say to myself, “Self, what would you look like with no eyebrows?’)

I have never taken off my sunglasses in front of her. But I was honest and up front with her. I tell her what I did. She laughs and tells me she has been wondering what was wrong with my eyes for sometime now. She even pretended she didn’t know how to put toner in her copier at the bank so that I would take off my sunglasses in front of her (I did, but I hid my face).

She told me she likes football. I asked her to marry me right then and there. She told me she likes comic books. I asked her to marry me again. The rest of the night went along those lines. She liked something I liked, I proposed. I didn’t want to let this one get away. And I didn’t that Sunday, five years ago. We saw two movies, had dinner, and went for a walk on the pier. I fell in love with her that night.

The following Tuesday, we talked on the phone for hours. I convinced her to come over. We talked for hours after. I didn’t work the following Wednesday, and I convinced her to take a half day and come back to me as quickly as she could. She fell in love with me that Tuesday, five years ago.

Five years ago, and even today I ask, “How can I stand this close to you and not be moved by you?”

I love you, Itzybit.


2 Responses to “The Importance of the First Week of June”

  1. Jade Canary said

    Blu I love you! Reading this brought tears to my eyes and sent me down memory lane. As you know five years ago the last thing I was looking for was a boyfriend yet alone love, thank you for setting me straight. I thank God every day for bring you to me. Kal has crawled into my lap making it hard to type. He’s a wonderful little boy. Thank you for giving me this life. The tears have started again so I’m getting off this thing.

  2. Kim said

    Oh I have tears too and I really mean it! I LOVE seeing people in love and a man that isn’t afraid to profess it to his wife for the whole world to see! You guys go! I pray your marriage continues to grow with a firm foundation beneath you. Using God as your tour guide down a path that will be an exciting journey! I must go check my face to be sure my make-up isn’t running down my face being that I am at work and all.

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