Posted by jadecanary on June 2, 2008

Where ya been all weekend?

This past weekend has been all about BENDING STEEL REVIEW. The blog is up and running and I hope everyone enjoys it.

I also the family to the Tampa Bay Rays game on Friday at Tropicana Field against the Chicago White Sox. It was the grand experiment: how long can a two year old make it in a nine inning pro baseball game?
The answer: 7 1/2 innings. Made it home just in time to catch the game winning homer by Cliff Flloyd. Tuesday, the Rays, a drop of golden sun, travel to Boston to cement the division (and American League) lead.

Saturday, I threw some cards around with a few of my boys on unofficial Saturday Night Hobby League. I went 0-4 and learn that “World’s Felonius” is a failure. I think the “Go Away” portion of the deck still works, and I’m going back to that. I reserve the right to rebuild using the name “World’s Felonius”, but now I’m thinking a Revenge Squad/Arkham Inmates team-up. The only problem is I can’t touch the Innmate cards for a month. Why?

28 days ’til the gate comes crashing open.

This week, I’m setting up here, and in the Arkham Asylum Forum (the hobby league forum for the ECHL Mega-Summer Season. There will be more on this later, and I’m reaching out to the worldwide VS community to make this THE Mega-Summer event.


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