Posted by jadecanary on May 29, 2008


Here we go again with building a deck for one tournament. I started out with rebuilding a fun deck, “Bat Got Your Resource Row”. The deck plays around with the World’s Finest’s Harvey Bullock, Crispus Allen, Interrogation, and others. Later, I decided I’d have a go at Superman again. Mono-Supes, no Bat-crutch. I built the deck yesterday… and hated it. Ugh. Although, I am thinking of combining the Bat/Resource concept with a couple of rarely used cards from the DSM set, Daily Planet and X-Ray Vision. But there will be time for that later. Now, I need a BYOS deck for Thursday.

Lex Luthor and The Joker.

Why not? Play around with some of the DCL Injustice Gang cards I haven’t really paid too much attention to. But things changed as I looked at the cards. There is something else here…

Several posts back, I mentioned a deck I called “Go Away!” The idea was The Joker at 4 and 6 and cards like “The Joke’s On You”, “Sunburst”, and “Total Anarchy”. I threw in some Infernal Minions to either bring back to my hand for “Break You” or blow up for counters for the Joker and burn with Zazzala<>Queen Bee. I broke it up because I thought I could abuse it a litttle better with my brand new Royal Flush Gangs. But, alas, I didn’t read the card right. I broke up a deck I enjoyed playing and I’ve been pissed about it all this time.

Here I am again, with more specific rules. Only cards from DC Legends. I’m looking at what to do with Luthor and his counter-gain. I realize that with Lex-es at 3, 5 and 7, those counters won’t be staying around. So I tossed them. I looked at Sunburst again…


Sunburst will return a stunned character to it’s owner’s hand. But it will effect each player. So, on 4, It will send my 3-Lex to my hand so that I can recruit my 5-Lex. On 5, it will send back my 4-Joker so that I can recruit my 6-Joker. And so on. On top of that, Sunburst fills in where “The Joke’s On You” fails.

Joke’s On You serves to send back every character with cost less then the Joker to their owner’s hand. I have to be careful when I flip this to maximize the effectiveness. But in modern, the first time I could think about flipping this is 4. What do I do to those characters with cost 3 or less before turn 4?

Thank you UDE for making Total Anarchy modern. I have to flip this card at only an appropriate time, and then I start clearing the other side of the board.

Outside making characters go away, the 3-Lex will stop hand PTs, the 4-Joker takes over for him, the 5-Lex stops character and equipment powers, the 6-Joker can help mop up where the rest of the “Go Away” build may fail me, and the 7-Lex… just try to team attack him. For now, I’m running the following back-ups: 3-Black Manta, 4-Felix Faust, 5-Scarecrow (I knew I’d find a purpose for him), 7-Sinestro.

If everything works out right, I can leave an opponent with a X-Statix build for a bulk of the game. That’s where my new toy comes into play…

Say goodbye to your plot twists. By the time this starts to get counters, the important cards I run are probably face-up. We’ll see.

(By the way, I could use another “Injustice For All”…)

This is what I’m taking with me Thursday for BYOS, “World’s Felonious”. I look forward to seeing how it runs and start the modifications. If anything, I found a new fun, and frustrating, deck.


4 Responses to “THURSDAY NIGHT HOBBY LEAGUE: World’s Felonious”

  1. Arkham said

    You fucker!

  2. sterofsteel said


  3. Quigonjon said

    I would have to play against it to see, but the potential weakness that I can see is that with Joke’s on You and Sunburst, there is a good chance that you will have your board wiped clean just as often as your opponent. I know you’re prepared for that, but it seems like you could be vulnerable to KO cards from your opponent and especially anything that allows your opponent to attack without stunning (which is becoming more prevalent now). I’d like to try some of my decks against it- nothing tricked out especially for the matchup, just decks that I already have built.

  4. quigonjon said

    I logged on wordpress. I’m special now.

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