JELLY AND CHEESE: May 24, 2008

Posted by jadecanary on May 24, 2008


I’m done with the FL humidity for a full three day weekend (Sun, Mon, Tues) and I’m looking to take it easy.

Tonight, me and the Mrs. are going to see Indiana Jones and the Retirement Home of Death. I read a review of this movie in TIME magazine. It took me a moment to get over the Harvard words and metaphors, and I still don’t know if he liked the movie or not. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie for a while, but I’m not ga-ga goo-goo over it.

Sunday I’m working in my hobby room. yes, it’s time to rearrange the furniture. I never got around to doing it after we put the new couches and tables in the living room. Figure I’ll take care of that tomorrow. I also need to squeeze some Mario Kart time in. I really can’t get into it while Kal’s around, because he’ll throw a fit.

Monday is Memorial Day. Sounds like yard work for me. Get some stuff done on the outside and myself a beer. Or two. Or three. “Celebrate good times, come on!”

Tuesday is… tuesday. Gonna see my mom and get some running around done.

Over the course of this weekend, I’ll get to my cards, too. i need to rebuild “Bat Got Your Resource Row” for “Bring Your Own Set” tourney on Thursday. Then I’m going to lay out Team Superman… again. I just can’t seem to get a solid, non-clone Team Superman deck. And that really sucks, seeing how this is BENDING STEEL and all.

Here, on the STEEL, I’ll get those wants up and translate my decks onto the blog.

Dinner’s ready, gotta get fed, then get my Jones on.


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