TRUTH AND JUSTICE: Moving the Furniture Around

Posted by jadecanary on May 19, 2008

Damn, this TV is heavy…

I am a furniture-moving whore. I’m never happy when it comes to the rooms in my home. The TV might look better here. The couch should swingaround to this wall. I don’t really want to move the bookcase, so I think I’ll work around it… You know, that sort of thing.

So you can imagine my excitement when my Economic Stimulus Package (thank you, China, as long as the missile you shoot at us doesn’t say “funded by the USA”) came in a week ago and my wife wanted a new chair. She picked it out a month ago and the wheels in my head started turning.

We get to the store the following Saturday and we head right to the chair and she sits down. I, of course, go walking around for other crap that I think we need, but don’t. I say, “Hey, Babe, check out this couch!” We didn’t come home with the chair. No, we got the couch. And the love seat. And the ceder chest coffee table. And the end table. He he, I get to rearrange the living room!

The furniture gets to the house on Monday and… it doesn’t quite fit. But I work at it. Just a few hours later and the living room looks awesome (if I do say so myself). My only casualty is the video game TV. We had two TVs in the living room. One for the cable and DVD, the other for the Wii and PS2. Sadly, if we wanted to get into our living room, the video game TV had to go. I left the Wii out in the living room and moved the TV and PS2 into my “hobby room” with my comic collection, my VS and Pokemon card collections, my Heroclix, and other various crap. Now I get to rearrange that room!

I’m never happy with anything. It’s probably why I keep trashing my decks, just to rebuild them. “Crippled Nagging Bitches” (The Oracle/Black Canary Dynamic Duo I mentioned in an earlier write-up) suffered that fate. But, as of Saturday, they are back and (I think) better then ever. I had an Injustice Gang deck receintly I called “Go Away” that I trashed. The deck was built around the Joker at 4 and 6 and “The Joke’s On You”. And “Total Anarchy”. and “Sunburst”. And Zazzala (Villains United/Injustice Gang) and Infernal Minions. Get the point? “GO AWAY!” I trashed it because I thought the Royal Flush Gang was going to replace the Minions, but they didn’t do what I thought they did. After I broke HeroComplex’s golden rule, “READ THE CARD, MORON!” I got pretty bummed, and I haven’t picked up an Injustice Gang card since. But they are coming back, with a little furniture rearranged.

I’m rearranging the furniture here, on BENDING STEEL, too. Last week, I changed my vote button to that excellent Jim Lee pic. I liked the MSE2 card, but it was just too big. >sigh< I also added highlights from Marc’s blog, “Arkham’s Asylum” (now if he’d only update it regularly…). I separated my links from the blogs (check out some of those links, I have some neat stuff over there). Whenever I stumble upon a blog in the VS Blogerverse that was nice enough to link to my blog, I link to their’s (and I throw you a vote!). Earlier this evening, I opened up some space in the form of new pages: my decklists, my trade stuff, and what I’m looking for. They are not filled just yet, but I will get to them.

But I am soooo fighting the urge to change the whole theme. ARRRGH!


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