Posted by jadecanary on May 9, 2008

Thursday night hobby league was packed down at Emerald City… but there was only 8 of us. One full table was taken up by a game Risk between two players. One table was taken up by WOW players. I’ll never tell our store owner that we don’t want other games going on during our hobby league, but I reserve the right to be annoyed.

My cards are a mess. I pulled out a bunch of cards to build a couple of Galactic Conquest-legal decks, and, due to my lazyness, I didn’t put them back. I was hoping for some time Thursday to clean up at the store and work on some decks. Maybe even stir up some deck building conversation, but it was for naught. Oh well. I’ll get around to it sometime.

The first book I read this week was Rann-Thanagar Holy War. I have been really into the space epics from DC of late. From Adam Strange: Planet Heist all the way through Countdown to Adventure. I’m happy Jim Starlin is on this project and I like seeing the stars of all these arcs come together (and Bizarro thrown into the mix, too).

I don’t know the details behind the delay of the conclusion of the “Last Son” story arc in Action Comics, but I do know it was annoying. This may be my review… if I re-read books from a year ago.

Dini may not have pulled off Countdown the way he wanted to, but his work on Detective Comics continues to impress. I have always been facinated by Scarface, the dummy crime lord of the Batman mythos. I was sad when he became one of Harvey Dent’s victims in the first Batman arc after the one year jump. Again, I was sad at the end of this story, but don’t be surprised if he comes back.

I have my players working on making a Legend, using MSE2, for a tournament. This is the lead in to a store VS set. We chose DC vs Marvel, but after the DC licence fell through, we change to just DC. We are focusing on the Sinestro Corps War, with some love thrown at the other stories that happened around the same time. If you want to see my example legend, Booster Gold, head over to the Arkham Asylum forum.

Just think, if it wasn’t for OPERATION CHAOS, this political season might have been boooring. BENDING STEEL proudly supports OPERATION CHAOS.

The Tampa Bay Rays are holding down second place in the AL East and playing like they are a good team. Look out Boston!

The Illuminati are facinating. Just facinating. i don’t know if I hate the non-affiliation affiliation, or like it, but I am trying to figure out how to abuse it in the store DC set. I still think I want to build Hulk and the Warbound. And Nextwave. They look like lots of fun!

Made some changes to the site. I got rid of the vote card. I have a 20″ widescreen monitor, so everything looks normal to me. But I’ve noticed, as I introduced the site to others with smaller monitors, that the other two columns on the right end up at the bottom of the page. How annoying! Maybe these changes fixed that. Oh, and there is a pic of me now on THE MAN BEHIND THE GLASSES. I also added links to a blog about pictures of fat Wonder Woman and a site from Gail Simone (writer: Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Secret Six) about abuse of women in comics. It’s called Women in Refrigerators. It’s under the link: Why my wife doesn’t want me to be a super-hero…

Countdown to Mystery is calling to me… See you this weekend.


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