THE FLAVOR OF: Guy Gardner

Posted by jadecanary on April 22, 2008

Guy Gardner. The greatest of the Green Lanterns.

Uhh, Ster. It’s Hal Jordan. Or maybe Kyle Rayner.

No. It’s Guy. Guy Gardner is a jerk. Guy Gardner is an ass. Guy Gardner is a bully. But despite his attitude, he is a hero. He fights thegood fight, and he does it with confidence. Nothing can stop Guy Gardner. Not Batman, not Hal or the Guardians of the Universe, not even Lobo. And as well known as he is with the Green Lantern ring, he has proven he doesn’t need it.

I’ll let Wiki give you Guy’s background.

I’ve recently re-read GREEN LANTERN CORPS RECHARGE mini-series, and it made me want to take a closer look at the character. I grew up with Guy in the JLI. I remember him written as the instigator. He was always starting something, like challenging Batman, then later Superman, for leadership of the Justice League, even though noone would ever follow his lead. Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis defined Guy as arrogant. He was never wrong and wouldn’t put up with anyone standing up to him. Then they gave us two characters that would round him out: Ice and General Glory. Ice could melt Guy’s heart. He would do anything for that girl, even attend the Ice Cappades. General Glory is one of those classic “DC rips off Marvel/Marvel rips off DC” things (he basicly has Captain America’s origin). Guy grew up reading General Glory’s comic adventures and highly respects the man. When General Glory tells Guy to do something, he would say, without hesitating, “YESSIR!”.

Later, in Guy’s own book, Chuck Dixon gave Guy a definitive origin, with an abusive father and a life is the shadow of a brother who could do no wrong. Guy quickly became more human.

Then Beau Smith got his hands on Gardner and turned him into “The Warrior”. >smaking my head with my hand< The only good thing that came out of the run was Guy’s bar, “Warriors”.

Green Lantern: Rebirth put Guy back where he belongs… and more. He is a Green Lantern again. And not just a GL, but THE GL. Number one of the Lantern Honor Guard. Of course this hasn’t stopped Guy from breaking rules (when necessary).


“The Flavor Of:” takes a look at VS cards and fits them back into the continuity that they are a snapshot of. Today, I’ll focus on Guy’s character cards.

(My scanning sucks)

I’ll start with Guy Gardner, Egomaniac, because he is dual-affiliated with the JLI. Guy gives Willpower to other characters you control. He also increases the defense of JLIers and Green Lanterns by their respective Willpowers. The card is a good one in a GL deck, but this is not what is article (or blog) is about. The sharing of Willpower is very much like the Guy at the end of GLC:Recharge. This card shows Guy as influential and reliable. Guy will “get your back” with his defense boost. I wish he fit better with the JLI. I’ve always seen this card as more legacy for the Green Lanterns and less as a playable character for a JLI build. And the art sucks (Guy wears his ring on his middle finger, Tom Feister) Flavor Rate: GL 5/5, JLI 1/5

The new Guy Gardner, Hero With Attitude is next. I had to change my pants when I saw this card. Well, actually, I never got past the fact it was Guy with a yellow ring. He is single affiliated with the JLI, which makes sense because he was kicked out of the Corps. His “Reservist” is good for the JLI “4 and under” deck, but is not up to flavor because he was a regular on the team (except for 2 1/2 issues, when he quit) the entire run that he had Sinestro’s ring. The power doesn’t really have flavor, but I guess you could say that he can pop the little guys without breaking a sweat. The art is okay, but it really doesn’t show Guy in all his glory… and his stylish G on his jacket (and where is his scar?). Flavor Rate: JLI 3/5

Guy Gardner, Warrior is up next. The 3-drop Guy came out in the Justice League set, along with his 7-drop. Guy supports the unaffiliated build DJL printed in this set. But most of those characters were bad guys, and Warrior was a hero. The “flight” doesn’t make sense because Guy couldn’t fly in this form. I like his 6/3 stats, showing that Warrior is a fighter, not a lover. His power is splashable in any unaffiliated deck, but most of the characters you would use this power with are villians. The art features a bar, but it doesn’t look like Warriors. He could have been morphing out some guns or something. Flavor Rate: 1/5

I finish this look with the first Guy Gardner card, Guy Gardner, Strong Arm of the Corps. First, the art sucks. C’mon, how ’bout some decent art? This Guy is so rarly played, Katma Tui is the Lantern I regularly see at 5. Where “Strong Arm” lacks in playablity, he makes up with flavor. Guy’s 10/7 stats and +X while attacking show Guy to be an offensive force. His Boost once again reflects Guy influence on his teammates. I like this Guy and I’m sorry he doesn’t get the deck love he deserves. Flavor Rate: GL 4/5


The Green Lantern Corps deserves a refeature. UDE got ahold of the team before the GLC book got running. Characters like Isamot Kol, Vath Sarn, and Soranik Natu deserve the VS treatment. And Guy needs to be a Legend. No doubt about it, he’s deserved it. Hell, I’d like to see the four Earth Lanterns each get Legend treatment. The comics are building toward a 2009 story epic and VS can get in the flavor by giving us a future set of Green Lanterns… and the Legend of Guy Gardner, Asskicker!


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  1. Arkham said

    GLC and Sinestro Corp…you wanna store set…we’ll give them a set!

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