Hobby League Thursday Update

Posted by jadecanary on April 18, 2008

It’s Hobby League Night at Emerald City Comics and Games in Seminole. I’ll be headeed out there soon to test some of the new garbage I’ve put together. I built a JLA modern power-up deck (no ally, so why bother? Because I’m Ster, I do that), a new JLI to stick my new Guy Gardner in, a Checkmate deck (sans the VU love so many netdeckers are fond of), and a Silver Age/Legend Batman deck.

I wanted to update the above post and tell you how garbage did. JLA Modern Power-up hit it’s curve, but the card draw is lacking (doesn’t exist), so I’m going to try 3-drop Hal and his new Legends in the deck. The JLI ran against Marc variation of “Coming of Galactus”, so I didn’t get the feel for it. Marc kept swinging into Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, because he knows they are two of my most beloved characters in comics. It’s funny, though, I hit Beetle on 1, activate for Booster on 2, new Doc Light on 3 with Beetle/Booster (then he wipes Booster out), Booster boosted on 4 and bring out General Glory (I sacrifice 2 Kooeys to try and help the team, but the Captain sucked it up bad, we get “You Dare”ed), then on the last turn with 3 resources, I recruit Booster and Beetle. Love those guys. Check mate swung against a netdeck Injustice Gang, but I didn’t anything anyway. And then there is Batman Legend. I think I finally figured out that damn Batarang and how to make it playable. The deck is going to need a facelift, but I’m gonna work at it.

So that’s my Thursday night Hobby League at a glance. Seeing as how it’s 1:09 AM and I have to be to work at 7:30 AM, I think I’ll go to bed.

(Maybe after I read Batman and the Outsiders. That book is sooooo good!)


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