TRUTH AND JUSTICE: How to kick-start a slow Hobby League

Posted by jadecanary on April 17, 2008

It’s Hobby League Night at Emerald City Comics and Games in Seminole. I’ll be headeed out there soon to test some of the new garbage I’ve put together. I built a JLA modern power-up deck (no ally, so why bother? Because I’m Ster, I do that), a new JLI to stick my new Guy Gardner in, a Checkmate deck (sans the VU love so many netdeckers are fond of), and a Silver Age/Legend Batman deck.

So what happens at your Hobby League when playing cards starts to lose that something special? When it gets to that point that you feel like it’s okay to skip this week, cause its just the same ole thing. The ECHL started to die out in late ’06. Taking a cue from some of the ideas we saw on VSRealms, Marc and I started a storyarc. Players built a flavor-only deck. That is, a deck with character cards that shared a team affiliation, non-character cards that were team-stamped with the chosen affiliation, and non-character generic cards that had a character in the team affiliation in the picture. From there, the story evolved, and the Magic Set Editor got involved. The Secret Crisis lasted from FEB 07 to OCT 07. Each week was a different chapter, with a week off to take a break, and give Marc and me and opportunity to play some cards.

But the Secret Crisis wore us out. Have you ever been disgusted by a VS card? Been there, done that. The Secret Crisis did what we wanted it to: the Hobby League went from a low of six players to a high of twenty. We brought back those players that walked away from the game. They took a look at some of the new cards, and started to buy the product. Our game was back.

Now, how do we keep them? Well, the Arkham Asylum forum was a start. This gave us an opportunity to voice our ideas as a community and BS with each other. From there, the tournament ideas started. I ran the “Dynamic Duo” format earlier this year. Instead of having one legend (with a 12 card minimum), you needed two legends! This format gave birth to one of my favorite decks: Black Canary/Oracle: Crippled Nagging Bitches. “Going Green Tournament” was fun, too. One-third of your deck must be locations. I banned League of Assassins and Checkmate, but I should have banned Brotherhood too (lack of Marvel info again).

Check out these ideas from the Arkham Asylum forum.

If you have any ideas you’d like to pass along, reply here, or join the forum. Hey, if its good enough for stubarnes, why not you?


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