TRUTH AND JUSTICE: MUN, Marvel, and my money

Posted by jadecanary on April 16, 2008

By now, y’all of seen the MUN previews that UDE has given us. What do you think? Badass, huh? I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to this set. See, I’m a DC man. It’s not that I have anything against Marvel. I just don’t read Marvel. And the reason I don’t read Marvel is I can’t afford more than one universe. There are so many good books out there, and I’ve been down this road. I read almost everything Malibu’s Ultraverse put out in its hayday. The same thing with Milestone Media. But it’s tough. Twice I had to quit buying comics because I would expand. This time, about three years ago, I walked into Emerald City Comics and Games in Seminole, FL, with my wife. I turned to her and said, “If we’re gonna do this, we have to stick to one.” So we made ours DC. It was my love for DC and Superman that drew me to this game. I started buying VS at the tail-end of MOS, with MMK just released.
In this same vain, I usually don’t buy Marvel VS cards. I love this game for the flavor, plain and simple. I just couldn’t see myself working toward a Doom or X-Men build. When I started, I bought a box of MMK and tried Crime Lords (simply the most rares I pulled from that box). I didn’t like it because I didn’t know the characters. I bought a box of MAV and so many packs of MOR and MSM that I had the cards, but I just didn’t feel the pull to play them. I got just a few MXM and only sealed games worth of MHG and MTU, at that point I knew that I wouldn’t run Marvel.
But that’s not to say I don’t like some of the characters. I’d like to play Spider-Man. I have interest in the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Heralds of Galactus seem kinda cool. But to stay on some sort of budget and keep up with the DC releases, I never had (that’s not true. I built a Fan4 deck. I broke it up the moment I learned Antarctic Research Base was banned.).

Then UDE cut back. Two sets a year, one DC and one Marvel. Super-sets. I said, “Okay, maybe I’ll look into Marvel.” Then UDE cut production on MVL and DCL. How am I supposed to get the kick-ass Marvel stuff now? There are no more MVL packs. The secondary market is like crude oil futures. I can’t get what I need. So screw it, I don’t need it.

And then Starman (the screen name of our Thursday Night Hobby League store employee) told us that there were no more DCL. No. More. DCL. I wasn’t done, yet. I’ve never not completed a DC set. I don’t have a single copy of Mirror Image. Or Hidden HQ. Or Mightiest Heroes. Or the Doom Patrol rares. If I want to build the Doom Patrol, I’ll have to spend $75 on the secondary market, and that’s if the rares are in stock.

Why don’t you just trade?

WITH WHAT? I don’t have extras, there were 110 rares. I didn’t buy MVL, so I have nothing for that. I’m screwed.

(I gave up on the JLA defensive build because I had one Batman, Founding Member, and no From the Darkness. I ended up trading two of my three Wonder Womans for some various stuff I still needed to Marc, he was just a few cards short of the build.)

So here comes MUN, a 330 card set. With “Super-Legends”. So I have to make a decision: to buy, or not to buy. The money I spend here could net me more DUN packs in the future. But the MUN rares could get me what I’m missing from DCL and the future DUN. What to do. I hate it when a game becomes a business.

Well, while I think about that, I’ll talk (type) about what I’ve seen. Captain America, the chosen Legend.


Two drop, The Patriot, isn’t bad. After he comes into play, he’s a blank box 3/2.

Four drop, Champion License, makes you attack him.

Six drop, Living Legend, costs you one swing.

Those aren’t bad. Here’s what sucks.

That damn shield. A free exhaust. Sure, you choose it, put it’s like Puppet Master of old, without the obvious target for breakthrough. (Wish my Batarang cost 0)

Charging Star: you give a +4 DEF (and the effect negate) for the low, low cost of 2 threshold. Sure, it’s only for the Legend, but WTF? With UDE holding back on us with DEF love, you give so much to one man. WOW.

Then Hulk. All I got to say is 8-drop Hulk and Righteous Anger. All I have to do is get to 8.

So that’s what we got. Seems like I have to invest in MUN. If anything, to help out my buddies get what they need. 330 cards is a lot, even if it’s still 110 rares. And if UDE has another limited print run, God help any Marvel player that runs all the teams. And their families. And their bill collectors.





4 Responses to “TRUTH AND JUSTICE: MUN, Marvel, and my money”

  1. Arkham said

    With the sets being so far apart now…you really have no choice but to purchase both sets. Whether it be for cards you want, or to have those cards in hand when it comes time to trade for others you need.

  2. gdaybloke said

    If you don’t have trade bait you can always buy singles off, say, some wierdo Australian living in Canada who’s a Marvel fan more than a DC fan, and so has a bunch of DCL that he’s never going to actually play with… 😉

  3. Jade Canary said

    hey it’s Mrs. Ster just want to let my better half know that it’s ok with me if you buy MUN. Just don’t put us in that cardboard box we talk about doing it.

  4. gdaybloke said

    Ya for Mrs Ster!

    … heck, this means I can even ‘sell’ you DCL and MVL stuff for packs of MUN you don’t even have yet!

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