Posted by jadecanary on April 15, 2008

“Judd Winick makes me gay.”

Those famous words were uttered by… uh, me. Not the “happy” gay, the other one. It seems Mr. Winick cannot keep his personal drama out of his work. I won’t break it down here, I’ll let Wiki handle that.

So, Winick gets another shot at another DC book. TITANS #1 came out on Wednesday, April 9th. The idea is going back to basics… again. Just a few years ago, the Titans went “back to basics” when they assembled the New Teen Titans: CYBORG, STARFIRE, BEAST BOY and RAVEN, with the next gen of the biggest names in comics: SUPERBOY, ROBIN, WONDER GIRL and IMPULSE. It started out pretty good, but romance, betrayal, and death shook up those Titans. That team is almost unrecognizable: Robin, Wonder Girl, RAVAGER, KID DEVIL, MISS MARTIAN, and the unofficial member BLUE BEETLE (c’mon, dude, it’s the legacy of the Blue Beetle to join loser teams and get into ridiculous situations). SEAN MCKEEVER’s writing continues to disappoint, and I’m hoping that the new Titans ongoing will return the respect the Titans deserve.

But, then again, Winick is writing it. Winick was responsible for the resurrection of JASON TODD, giving MIA DEARDEN (SPEEDY) AIDS, and killing OLIVER QUEEN again (no, that was EVERYMAN is disguise, but he fried the brain of CHUCK DIXON’s CONNER HAWKE, Oliver’s son. Seems like revenge for Dixon writing a better Outsiders book). And Winick wrote one of the most disturbing moments in modern mainstream comics. SABBAC, an evil CAPTAIN MARVEL-esque character, gains control of one of the seven deadly sins: lust. He uses the power to force the FEARSOMFIVE to start having sex with one another. Then SABBAC threatens to “change the partners” so that MAMMOTH and SHIMMER get their thing on… they are siblings.

Titans #1 starts out with DICK GRAYSON, a.k.a. NIGHTWING, stopping off at one of his mentor’s “safe houses”, a luxury penthouse condo in Gotham. So it blows up and Dick finds himself on the ground fighting a bunch of punks, who turn out to be monsters. BATMAN shows up for mop-up duty. He tells Dick that his “teammates” have been trying to contact him. Y’see, Dick wasn’t the only one that was attacked.

X’HAL! indeed. Judd Winick writes Strafire naked. There is no way he could of pulled this off without IAN CHURCHILL. I love Churchill’s stuff. He made the “Lightning Strikes Twice” story-arc in the SUPERMAN books (featuring Captain Marvel) look beautiful. In my humble opinion, no one has drawn SUPERGIRL better. Ian drew the TITANS EAST SPECIAL for Winick, part one of the story-arc in this book. In the Titans East Special, Cyborg tries to get a few of the old guard together to train the nex gen of Titans (the same exact thing going on in JSA, but they used SON OF VULCAN, so I was okay with it). Of course, there had to be sex (HAWK, dressed up like Supergirl and did POWER BOY, but Winick only described it through the POV of Hawk… while she was getting out of the shower), and then they all got blown up. Power Boy was impaled on a tree.

Picking up from there, Dick wasn’t the only one attacked, each of the future stars of the book was targeted: Starfire(as seen above), Raven, RED ARROW, Beast Boy, DONNA TROY, with GREEN LANTERN KYLE RAYNER, WALLY WEST, a.k.a THE FLASH, and then the Teen Titans themselves. The Old Guard assemble at the site of the Titans East massacre and discuss their situation. They all agree… TRIGON is back… again.


Trigon. The prefix of Trigon is three, but he has four eyes. Then again, as a demon of the apocalypse, he likes to impregnate young, human women (Raven is his daughter), so I’m sure Winick will have a blast with him.

BENDING STEEL REVIEW: The book wasn’t bad, the typical “let’s get everyone together” issue. Churchill’s art saves the book from the terror of Winick’s writing. I give it until the end of the Trigon story-arc that Beast Boy comes out of the closet (or, as a green monkey, he invented AIDS). I’ll buy this book again, at least to the end of the current story. 3/5


The GL books are so freaking awsome! Receintly, The Corps are dealing with the appearance of a Red Lantern Ring. These rings are focused on hate, and a former Lantern now posseses one. This issue features Lanterns Kyle Rayner, GUY GARDNER, IOLANDE, SORANIK NATU, STEL, VATH SARN, ISAMOT KOL, ION AND ARISIA chasing after yellow rings looking for new hosts. This books starts a story-arc featuring the villian MONGUL! 5/5

The comic review and pick will be probally on Fridays or on the weekends. I would have done it on Monday, but I had a real bad headache.

OTHER NEWS: VS System MUN previews this week feature HULK and THE WARBOUND. As always, you can see all the preview cards on the Arkham Asylum forum.



  1. dialgforgerald said

    It feels like nothing happened in this issue because all the fights happened off panel. Judd Winick should stick with Barry Ween!

  2. sterofsteel said

    I guess if you expect your guys too kick ass, level 1 battles just aren’t worth it.

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