Arkham Raid Deck Preview: Mr. Freeze, Sub Zero Remorse and Frozen Memories

Posted by jadecanary on April 13, 2008

Here it is, the next preview to Marckham’s Arkham Asylum Raid Deck.
(Hey Marc, does this thing have an official name yet?)
Can you put yourself in this position? Think of your spouse. Or your better half. Or that someone special. Think about that loved one. Think about the good times. That smile that brightened your day. The warmth of an embrace. The heat of your passion. Or just think of that simple glancing touch, just by accident, or maybe on purpose, that made you feel alive.

Then that someone gets sick. That sick that doesn’t go away with Tylenol and bed rest. That sick that robs you of those feelings of love and passion. That warm touch, not love, but fever. Think about the person you love most in this world and think about losing that person forever to an enemy you need a microscope to see.
What if you could save your beloved? What if you had it in you to fight the microscopic and beat it?
What would you do?
Anything and everything. All you need is time and resources.
But it is a matter of time. Time is of the essence. Time is constant. Time cannot be stopped. Or can it? If you could keep your love alive as long as you need to, in a deep sleep, slowing down fate, until you could change fate and get your love back. Would you? Could you?

“…my dearest Nora…”

Yes. Anything for your other half. You would do anything for another walk on the beach, another warm sunset, another kiss, another embrace. Anything to save your one love. You would seal your heart within the glass and the cold. A glorified snow globe. Anything to slow down the killer, to slow time, so you can save your love.

“…I’m so sorry…”

But the resources… all you need is a little. Just enough to prove your theories. Just enough to make a cure. Just enough to know love, to feel your heart beat again. Just enough.

But they said no.


How dare they! You can do it, you know you can do it! But they don’t! They don’t understand! If it was their everything in that… that freezer, they would do it. They’d give just enough, just enough to make their world go around again. But they said no. Damn it, they refused to give back what was so wrongly taken from you.

“…Nora… I can’t live without…”

What would you do if they said no to you? What would you do? What did you promise? You would do anything. And all you need is just enough.

And it would be a cold day in Hell before you abandon your lover.

“…I will save you, Nora. I just need a little more…”

They will try to stop you. Oh yes, they will try to stop you. They will call you insane. They will say you are mad. They will tell you to let go. But you won’t, will you? They are cold and uncaring. But you are colder.

You are FREEZE.

And if they stand against you, be it uniform or costume, man, woman, or child, you will show them theIr own cold heart, metaphor or literal.

But you don’t hate them. You cannot hate. The hate has chilled. And the anger. And the rage. It was once a running rapid through your heart. Now your feelings are flash-frozen. Trapped under glass. Tears are gone, replaced by devotion, replace with the only thing that matters.

“They tried to stop me, Nora. But I won’t stop. I’ll never stop until you are healed. I will do anything. And I have.”











2 Responses to “Arkham Raid Deck Preview: Mr. Freeze, Sub Zero Remorse and Frozen Memories”

  1. Awesome possum, please continue!

  2. Arkham said

    Sweet little place you got here Ster…it’s about Damn time!!!!

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